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Chapter 108 Yuexuan(Second seeking subscription)
When Lin Yan walked in, everyone showed disgust,They are all born nobles,Of course seeing civilians is extremely disgusting。
Lin Yan looked around,Whispered in front of the counter:“I want to see you Mrs. Yuehua。”
“what,Wait a moment!”Several women ran into the house immediately。
Lin Yan looked at the elegant environment around him and made him feel comfortable,But I still don’t understand why my sister let him come here,Could it be that no one in Wuhun Palace can suppress the murderous intent?,Or she just wants him to destroy Yuexuan。
“Manager Odder is what he wants to see Mrs.!”
Odder looked at Lin Yan with contempt,Walked over with both hands back。
“Yuexuan only accepts Yake and noble members,who are you,If it’s a civilian, I advise you to leave here,This is not where you should be!”Manager Odder snorted coldly。
“Haven’t you forgotten what happened a year ago?,Don’t be too shallow,Get out of me,I don’t want to kill!”Lin Yan said coldly。
Manager Odder frowned,Two students walked over with a wave of their right hand。
“I’m talking about asking you out,This is not where you should be,Otherwise at your own risk。”
Lin Yan was shocked,An air current formed by soul power instantly dispersed,Everyone in the whole hall felt the terrifying aura emanating from him。
Those weak nobles ran out immediately,Chief Audder immediately used his martial soul to resist the sudden momentum。
“hateful,Yuexuan is not a place for you to act recklessly,Do you really think no one can cure you??”Odder screamed,Six spirit rings on the body appear around,Yellow yellow purple purple black black。