The third quarter last2minute,James stood up,Reappearing leadership,In the last moments, the Cavaliers made a sudden shot.5Equalize。
Both sides76ratio76Draw into the fourth quarter。
at this time,Fans who watched the first round of the match between the two sides couldn’t believe that the Pacers could be so tough.。
O’Neill spit out during the three-quarter break:“The Pacers are really hard for you to understand,Can you imagine they are bayonet fighting with the Cleveland Cavaliers?”
Kenny·Smith echoed the road:“Whenever the Pacers suffer a fiasco,People always think that the walkers are nothing more than that,But whenever they can play against the strong team back and forth,You always have the illusion that they are a championship team。”
This is ridiculous!
Mainly because Xu Xuan played too hard,Have you ever seen a second-year player who can go to the same level with old Zhantou in the playoffs??
Ross was not as cruel as Xu Xuan back then。
If it weren’t for a Curry this year,not sure,Xu Xuan can get the regular seasonMVP。
This is a three-person choice,Old man ranked second,If two people choose,The old man may be taller than Xu Xuan。
Fourth quarter,Xu Xuan is not resting yet,carry on。