AC Milan at home 2-0 Chievo nearly 4 rounds of the first victory Montari Honda broke
At 2:45 am on October 5th, Beijing time, in the 6th round of the 2014-15 Serie A match, AC Milan took San Chiro against Chievo. In the first half of the game, the two teams exchanged white papers. In the second half, Montari World Wave broke the goal.Honda Keisuke then scored a free kick, and finally Milan defeated Chievo 2-0 at home and achieved the first win of nearly 4 rounds of the league. After 6 rounds, the score reached 11 points.Milan 2-0 Chievo at home In history, Milan and Chievo had a total of 26 matches, of which 24 were in Serie A, Milan achieved 18 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses, in 12 games against Chievo at home, Milan 10 wins and 2 draws remain undefeated.Over the past three seasons, Milan beat their opponents 4-0, 5-1 and 3-0 at home.It can be said that Milan has a very big psychological advantage against Chievo.  After losing to Juventus in the third round of the league, Milan and the two newly promoted draws have now won three consecutive rounds. This is definitely a big crisis for Inzaghi who has just started his team.In the two draws, Milan lost the ball in the opening stage, and the defensive problems need to be solved urgently.Starting aspect.Torres and Mene joined forces to replace the new aid.  In the 5th minute, Milan got a free kick and De Jong shot directly and was blocked by the wall.In the 14th minute, Maxi Lopez fell to the ground in the penalty area, but the referee refused to take a penalty.In the 20th minute, Honda Keio took a free kick on the left foot. The opponent’s goalkeeper destroyed the ball. Mene’s non-stop volley in the penalty area hit the opponent’s player and crossed the sideline. Then Milan again organized the attack. Honda Keio’s foot was outside the penalty area.The shot was higher than the crossbar and Milan missed the opportunity.  In the 25th minute, Chievo player Bilsa shoveled Honda Keio, and the referee showed him a yellow card warning.In the 29th minute, Milan organized an offensive, Mene passed the ball, and Bonaventura’s long shot at the top of the penalty area was blocked by the opposing defender.After 1 minute, Desilio’s left pass was pushed out by the opposing defender.In the 32nd minute, Radovanovic made a long shot outside the penalty area and the angle was too good for Abbiati.  In the 37th minute, Honda Keiyou replaced the player on the right side of the penalty area, but then his shot was surprisingly high.In the 39th minute, Milan’s tactical corner kick almost created a chance to break the goal. Torres’ steal from the penalty area was higher than the goal.After 1 minute, Bonaventura took a free kick, and Alex’s header in front of the goal missed slightly.There was no stoppage time in the first half of the game, the two sides made 0-0.  In the 47th minute, Milan organized an attack and Desilio crossed from the left and Mene missed a long shot from outside the penalty area.In the 52nd minute, Bonaventura’s turn shot in the penalty area was blocked by the opponent.One minute later, De Jong shot a long shot outside the penalty area and was blocked by the opposing defender.In the 54th minute, Milan broke through the deadlock, Honda Guiyou crossed from the right, the opposing defender pushed the ball out of the penalty area, and Montari, who followed, volleyed directly into the net with his left foot. Milan led Chievo 1-0 at home, MontariScored his second league goal of the season.In the 59th minute, Radovanovic missed a shot outside the penalty area.  In the 62nd minute, Abate sent a pass from the right, Honda Keio’s tackle in front of the goal did not touch the ball, Milan missed the opportunity.In the 65th minute, Derong’s flying shovel opponent received a yellow card, which means that the Dutch will be suspended for the next game.In the 68th minute, Torres’ shot in the penalty area was blocked by the opposing defender.In the 74th minute, Milan made a substitution, Torres came off and Sharawi came on.In the 78th minute, Milan won a free kick opportunity. Honda Keio shot directly into the net with his left foot. Milan led 2-0 at home. This is Honda Keio’s fourth league goal of the season.In the 81st minute, Milan made a substitution and Polly appeared to replace Keio Honda.In the end, Milan won 2-0.  The two teams played in the finals: AC Milan (4-2-3-1): Abbiati/Abat, Rami, Ales, Desilio/De Jong, Montari (88 minutes Essien)/HondaGuiyou (81 minutes of Polly), Bonaventura, Mene/Torres (74 minutes of Salawi) Chievo (4-3-3): Baldi/Biraji, Zukanovich, Dainelli,Frey/Heitmay, Kofi, Radovanovich/Palowski, Bielsa, Maxi-Lopez