】 _Production method_Methods

[How to fry ice cream?
】 _Production method_Methods

The summer is getting closer. The hot summer requires cold to relieve the heat. Ice cream is the best cold drink to relieve the heat. It has a sweet taste and cool taste. Many people like to eat a good food. Many people like to eat fried ice cream, butMany people still don’t know how to fry ice cream. Fried ice cream requires a frying ice machine. One kind of ice frying machine is large-scale commercial, and the other is commonly used at home.

Let ‘s take a look at how to fry ice cream.


Raw yogurt (the right amount), the right amount of fruit, the right amount of fruit, the right amount of Oreo biscuit residue, and the right amount of raisins.


Step one.

Take out the ice fryer that has been frozen in the refrigerator for a sufficient time (see the seller’s introduction), and pour the ingredients.

Mainly milk, yogurt.

Of course, if you want to fry fruit ice, you can also choose fruit pulp.

After all, creativity is your own, and it’s hard to say too much here.


When the milk starts to condense, pour the cut fruits or dried fruits (don’t wait for them to freeze before putting them on . unless you like to eat them separately .), you can also add some oLeo cookie dregs.


After standing still, I started to draw a grid with the appropriate size (don’t try too much, after all, the space is limited .), depending on personal habits.

The next step is to stir fry, the hardness is almost the same, and if you feel that it meets your requirements, it will be shoveled out and completed.


Note 1.

The taste is personal, and there are surprises in innovation, but be careful not to put conflicting ingredients!


Different types of ice-fried machines need different freezing times, and the freezing effect of the refrigerator is also different. You need to control it yourself.


Do not wait until the fried ice is completely frozen before dicing, as it may not be cut, and it will be slower without frying.


If you’re worried about coagulation, refrigerate the ingredients in advance so that the coagulation effect will be better.


If the ice-fried machine you bought is especially powerful, it will freeze and you can’t react, then use some room temperature ingredients.