All-day skincare package for perfect autumn skin

I went to work in the morning and faced with the air conditioner and computer, the water in my skin lost a little bit.

In this case, a small moisturizing spray can help solve the problem of drinking water to the skin. Just spray directly on the skin and gently massage it.

At present, many brands have launched moisturizing sprays, so give it a try.

At the same time, you can also make your own moisturizing spray, replace the essential oil of rose with distilled water, and you can gradually use the best moisturizing spray.

  Of course, drinking plenty of water is also the best way to replenish water. It is cheap and simple, and the symptoms and root causes must be adhered to.

  The skin becomes dry during lunch, and eating habits are very severely affected.

According to beauty experts, in order to maintain the elasticity and moisture of the skin, you should eat more collagen protein food. Collagen is the main component of the skin, accounting for more than 71% of the protein content in the skin cells. Collagen makes the cells plump.In order to make the skin plump, keep the skin elastic and moist, collagen has a very important role.

Collagen-containing foods are mainly skin, trotters, beef hoof tendons, fresh fish, etc. At lunch, eat more of these foods, both full stomach and absorb water from the food, kill two birds with one stone, eat oranges after meals, etc.Fruit, the effect is even better.

  Night skin care is best done before 10 pm, because 11 to 2 am is the time when skin cells are most active. At this time, effective and high-quality skin care products should be used to achieve the purpose of deep nourishment.

  The first is thorough cleansing, so that the skin can breathe smoothly; make a deep moisturizing mask at least once or twice a week. After this step, further moisturizing care is needed, so that it can provide deep nourishment and richness to skin cellsMoisture.

Use cleansing cotton dipped in toner to apply to the skin. After completing these skin conditioning procedures, dry skin can be moisturized and wrinkle remover. Those who want to lighten pigment spots can gently massage the entire face with natural beauty cosmetics;Skin cream or moisturizing night cream, skin care procedures are not complete.