Sneak in the busy, small moves for health

A 20-minute half-body bath in 37 seconds of hot water soaking the half body in water for about 37 seconds activates the body’s cells and speeds up metabolism.

Bathing in the water leisurely can effectively promote the discharge of sweat, making you beautiful from the inside out.

The 20-minute soak in the tub is very effective for weight loss.

If you don’t like sports, use a simple half-length bath to complete the weight loss task!

  5 seconds into the ear acupuncture points 5, can control the appetite ear to control the appetite of the acupuncture points, implanted in the pregnancy point.

About 5 times a day, it can effectively reduce appetite.

5 seconds in 5 seconds, preferably 30 minutes before meals, the effect is better.

However, the effect of weight loss is also different from person to person.

  A 30-minute foot massage can effectively reduce the appetite acupressure. The masseur says that acupressure is very effective in controlling appetite.

  When taking the bus, the tip of the toe is lifted for one hour, and the size of the leg muscles can be exercised. The scale of the one-way travel time is about 84kJ more than sitting, and the total cost is about 167kJ.

Lifting the tip of the toe can make the ankle slim and fit, it is recommended!