“Five Musts” and “Five Musts” before the test

The “five things” are: the first thing is emotional stability.
Parents ’emotional stability can help candidates’ emotional stability through psychological mechanisms such as infection and suggestion.
Parents’ emotional instability and nervousness are not conducive to the establishment of good mentality of candidates.
  Second, we must be happy.
Parents are full of confidence in candidates’ exams, emotional saturation, and a good family atmosphere will have a positive impact on candidates and help strengthen their confidence.
  Third, tell the candidates that they can do their best, which will help alleviate the pressure from the parents.
Candidates easily go to the test room and seriously answer the questions.
  Fourth, we must do a good job of children’s dietary hygiene. Candidates can eat ordinary meals. There is no need to strengthen nutrition and improve children’s dietary hygiene.
  Fifth, we must do the necessary supervision and inspection.
Carry out necessary supervision and inspection of candidates’ examination supplies, admission tickets, etc., and make necessary reminders on the route to the examination room and the time to go to the examination room.
  ”Five don’t” is: I don’t set a child’s score index for each test.
Otherwise, the child will be stressed.
  Second, it does not stipulate what university the child is admitted to.
  Third, make your child anti-volunteer if you don’t want to.
Guide children to volunteer, but not to join.
Otherwise, it is easy to cause hostility between the children and the children, which will affect the test results. Beijing candidates will volunteer after the test, but parents should not talk to their children about the volunteer before the test.
  Do not send children to the examination room.
Sending the child to the test room is not conducive to strengthening the child’s test confidence, but it increases the pressure on the test.
  Five Do not ask the child to consider the situation on June 7 and August 9 three days, otherwise it will easily cause the child to fluctuate, which is not conducive to the college entrance examination.