11 kinds of people easily get Alzheimer’s disease how to prevent Alzheimer’s?

Currently, tens of millions of people around the world are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (AD, commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease).

With the aging of the social population, how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

How to treat Alzheimer’s has become one of the public health problems that cannot be ignored.

After that, the editor reminds you that the following 11 types of people are prone to Alzheimer’s disease. There are a few important things to note.

  Watch out!

11 people are susceptible to dementia.

  Who may develop Alzheimer’s disease in the future?

The latest issue of Japan ‘s “AREA” magazine believes that there are the following types of office workers who are susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease after retirement: First, they are very enthusiastic about gifts during the New Year;I like to give credit to my subordinates and my own failures. 4. I ‘m used to wearing a suit and tie when I ‘m on holiday with my family. 5. I ‘m completely at a loss for gossip in the entertainment industry or family chat.Telling jokes and lacking a sense of humor; seven, do not find cats, dogs and other small animals cute; eight, not liked by colleagues or subordinates; nine, allergic to the promotion of colleagues or friends; ten, no interest in music, movies, And sneered at playing video games; eleven, the pace of life is quite fixed, the streets I walk through every day are almost unchanged.

  Common symptoms of Alzheimer’s patients: 1. Do whatever you want, forget about the salt when cooking, but do n’t know if it has been left; obviously locked the door and went out, but felt the door was unlocked halfway; went to the street to buyDishes, forget to take the basket or money.

  2. The words are not up to the mark, and Lili wants to express one meaning, but it means another. He always keeps on one thing.

  3, forgot the name of an acquaintance walking on the street, obviously an old acquaintance but could not call each other’s name.

  4, suspicious and jealous of what you find, always doubt others.

  5. Emotional indifference doesn’t know anything, even the things that are very interested in the past are boring.

  6, the computing power drops to the street to buy vegetables, the simple account is very laborious to calculate, not even calculate at all.

  Tips: Frequent finger movements can prevent Alzheimer’s experts point out that middle and old people often move their finger joints and stimulate the palms to help prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, because the hand and brain are closely related.

If you can keep shaking your fingers every day and improve the blood circulation in your hands, it will help the blood flow in the brain, which can both strengthen the brain and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some simple and easy actions: bend the little finger inward, pull it back, and do flexion and extension exercises 10 times.

  Press your little finger on the table and manually stimulate it repeatedly.

  Cross your fingers with your fingers and hold them firmly, then pull them suddenly.

  Stimulate the center of the palm (palm) every 20 times.

  Rub the tip of your middle finger often for 3 minutes each time.

  Can you choose 2 of the above methods every day?
3 types are used alternately.

At the same time, try to use various opportunities to move your fingers.

  How do family members take care of Alzheimer’s patients?

  Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive and lethal neurodegenerative disease with clinical manifestations of continuous deterioration of cognitive and memory functions, progressive decline in daily abilities, and various neuropsychiatric symptoms and behavioral disorders.

Once some functions and abilities of Alzheimer’s patients are lost, recovery is often difficult.

Therefore, for the care of dementia, family members must pay attention to the following points.

  First, give enough mental support to make loved ones in dementia aware of love and understanding.

Especially when they have accomplished something, they should be encouraged and affirmed in time, so that they can get satisfaction and regain confidence.

Communicating in simple language and simple language can make it easier for loved ones in dementia to understand.

  Loved ones who usually try to build a normal form of Alzheimer’s often suffer from memory loss and degraded brain function, and their ability to think and logic decline.

The normality of life helps a better life for patients with dementia.

You can do the right amount of physical exercise, the accumulated nutrition and good living can keep the health of Alzheimer’s patients, and choose the best time for relatives of Alzheimer’s to carry out activities.

  Finally, you should pay attention to prevent accidents. Put some items that may harm your loved ones in Alzheimer’s place or hide them, such as keys, matches and knives.

At the same time, we should pay attention to the safety of electricity and fire in the environment and actively eliminate hidden dangers.

Keep in mind that something safe for yourself does not mean that it is safe for loved ones in Alzheimer’s.