The 2017 All England Tournament may stage the last showdown between Lin Dan and Li Zongwei
Beijing time on March 8th, the All England Badminton Open kicked off. This event has a 118-year history and is also known as the Small World Championship. This year’s All England Open is easier because Lin Dan and Li Zongwei played because Li ZongweiOfficially stated that he is ready to retire. This year’s All England game is likely to stage the last showdown between Lin Dan and Li Zongwei. AFP also wrote an article to look forward to Lin Lijue, bluntly saying this or the final farewell of two great badminton players.Further reading: 2017 All-British Badminton Open Broadcasting Address Schedule Timetable Introduction Agence France-Presse looked at the final farewell as a prospect. Lin Dan and Li Zongwei tried to compete in the All-British Championship this year, although they still decided to play all-British under the influence of injuries.Open, but it is almost certain that this is Li Zongwei’s last appearance in this ancient event.  Lin Dan and Li Zongwei both retired excessively before the London Olympics, but they overcame injuries and other difficulties, and staged a summit match again at the Rio Olympics.Agence France-Presse said that it is now entering the Tokyo Olympic cycle. According to Lin Dan’s ambiguous attitude, Li Zongwei’s determination to leave is even more determined. Lin Dan is evasive about whether to retire, but Li Zongwei has said that he will not play in the British Open.  I am now ready to retire, and I really want to leave.Li Zongwei expressed the idea of waving his hand to say goodbye, and for the last time he probably played in the British Open, Li Zongwei article, I have not fully recovered now, I still feel a little pain, and there is a little fear, but I still have to be fullFight with confidence, especially since I am eager to participate, this year’s All England Open may be my last time to participate.  Taking into account Li Zongwei’s resignation, AFP believes that Lin Dan and Li Zongwei will stage their final matchup at this year’s All England Open. One is the three-time Olympic silver medalist and the other is the two Olympic champions. This may be theirIt is still unknown whether Lin Dan will stick to the last showdown, but although Li Zongwei will continue to play in the August World Championships and win the World Championship title, Li Zongwei has now decided that this year’s World Championship is the end of his careerstation.  Lin Dan won the All England Championship after defeating his teammate Tian Houwei last year. This is the sixth time Lin Dan has stood on top of the All England. It is worth mentioning that Li Zongwei won three championships in 2010, 2011 and 2014.It is self-evident for the two badminton kings to be common, and fans also expect Lin Dan and Li Zongwei to meet again at the All England Championship this year, and the dedication to the world is likely to be the last forestal confrontation.