[How to cook potato stewed mung bean]_How to make_Methods Daquan

I believe everyone should have eaten potatoes and kidney beans. These two types of food can be mixed and eaten together. Both potatoes and kidney beans have certain nutritional value, and the two methods are very different.The taste and texture of the method are actually different, but sometimes the taste is unsatisfactory. So how to cook potato stewed kidney beans?

Potato stewed kidney beans is a dish made with potatoes, kidney beans, and pork as the main ingredients.

The cellulose contained in potatoes is delicate, has no stimulating effect on digestive mucosa, and has the effect of relieving pain or reducing gastric acid secretion.

Kidney beans are sweet and flat, and have the effects of warming the middle and lowering the qi, benefiting the stomach and intestines, nourishing the kidney, replenishing vitality, and other effects.

Practice one.

Ingredients: 300 grams of kidney beans, 300 grams of potatoes, 50 grams of pork slices, onions, ginger, garlic, and some ingredients: peanut oil, salt, noodle sauce (the northerner’s way of eating), chicken essence method: 1, first shred kidney beans into pieces (about1 inch), cut the potatoes into pieces, and shred the onion and ginger for future use.

2. Add two tablespoons of oil to the pan and heat it. Add the noodle sauce to the pan and let it fry. Put the onion and ginger in the sauté pan. Then fry the meat slightly. Add a small spoon of soy sauce.Fry for 5 minutes, add water after the kidney beans change color, not too much.

3. After the water has boiled, add minced garlic, add salt, and stir fry a few times. After about 10 minutes, add chicken essence and serve.

Practice two.

Ingredients: 1 potato, 200 grams of beans.

Ingredients: 5 grams each of ginger, minced garlic, 3 grams of salt, and 5 grams of soy sauce. Method: 1. Wash potatoes, peel and cut into strips;

2. Heat the oil on a wok, add ginger, garlic mince, and stir-fry the beans until fry.

3. Pour the potatoes and stir fry, soy sauce, cover the pot with water and simmer until the potatoes and beans are cooked. Finally, add salt and MSG.

Tip: Be sure to fry the beans, taste them when you feel that they are almost cooked, and then put the ingredients in the heat. If the beans are not cooked, it will cause poisoning!

Method three: 1. Kidney beans (that is, green beans) are stubborn, potatoes are cut into hob pieces, like big cuts and small cuts, but not too small.

, Pork belly slices or pieces (don’t use pork belly, but must use fat and thin meat); 2, sit in the oil, fry pork belly after oil heat, fry the oil; 3, add potato pieces and kidney beansStir fry for two or three minutes.

This step is very important; 4, pour in hot water, not three-quarters of the time; 5, turn to low heat and simmer slowly.

Stew until the soup becomes slightly viscous and season with salt; 6, then simmer until the soup becomes less out of the pot (don’t stew it all, don’t overdo it too much, soup with rice is the best).