10 minutes after birth

Newborn baby, is it okay to sleep a lot or to wink?

German newborn expert Professor JulianeM Henstchel revealed that she is currently engaged in some scientific research projects on facial expressions of newborns.

Early studies have shown that babies with expressive expressions such as eyebrows and tongues when they are born are more competitive when they grow up.

  Password revealing baby expressions represents newborns with different personalities coming to the new world, with different expressions. But in this colorful expressions, it implies a child’s character and attitude towards the future life path.

  Professor Henstchel said that the personality and physical fitness of babies are expressed in their expressions.

Generally speaking, a baby smiling means that the baby feels comfortable and content, and the baby screams slightly, indicating that the baby is somewhat uncomfortable.

Most of the baby’s expression code has been cracked by scientists, but whether the expression within a few minutes of the baby’s birth has nothing to do with his character when he grows up, this is what Professor Henstchel is concerned about.

  Crying becomes “gentle” Be careful of a baby born with pneumonia, what will happen?

After the baby was born, it cried. After crying a few times, some children fell down and fell asleep, while others opened their eyes and “spotted”.

Professor Henstchel introduced that within 10 minutes after birth, if the baby has a rich expression, such as frowning, winking, widening his eyes, etc., such a child works very hard, has a positive attitude, has a high emotional intelligence, and is more competitive than ordinary children when he grows up.

  Experts said that the child’s cry suddenly became tender, this is not his sensible, maybe it is a precursor to pneumonia.

  Small snooze may be asphyxiating cesarean section and delivery, and the neonatal mortality rate is flat.

As many as 5 to 6 out of 100 newborns have suffocation, but the degree of suffocation is different and the consequences are different.

The baby with mild breathing can adjust it by himself. The heavy breathing causes hypoxia in his brain, which causes problems in the baby’s brain development.

  Neonatal suffocation is likely to show up after a few days. The initial symptoms are only snooze, less laughter, and weak crying.

Parents must also pay attention to the baby’s facial expressions.

  1. Grinning indicates that the excited and happy baby smiles suddenly, with light shining and his hands shaking.

Parents should report smiles to encourage them.

  2. Pouting indicates that the baby is required to puck up his small mouth, as if he was aggrieved. This is a precursor to crying, and actually requires adulthood.

  3. Pouting, grinning means urinating. Baby boys usually use pouting to indicate urinating, while baby girls usually urinate with upper grin or lower lip tightly.

  4. Red face and horizontal eyebrows indicate that the baby who needs bowel movements often has eyebrows bursting, then his face turns red and his eyes are dull. This is a signal to bowel movements. Parents should immediately resolve his “urgency” needs.

  5. Shouting indicates that the baby who is less than 1 year old is easily disturbed in a noisy environment, so he has to use screams and cry to express his troubles.

Adults can take their children for a walk in a quiet place, or give them something to eat and fun to calm them down.

  6. Crying vigorously means exercising. If the child is crying without accompanying bad conditions, then the baby is telling you: “I am healthy!

“7. Sucking fingers, blowing bubbles means ignoring most of my babies sucking fingers. When blowing bubbles, it means that they are more willing to play alone and not to be disturbed by others.

Therefore, mothers should not disturb others!

  9, stuffing stuffing indicates pain in teething. When the baby is in the flossing period, the action different from before is to stuff stuffed things into the mouth, biting and messing around, and making a noise if you don’t give it until the teeth are full.stop.