Seeing Wang Quansheng come in with unswerving expression,Lin Dong put down the guitar,He knows well,Pharaoh can’t bear it anymore。
Lin Dong smiled and got up,Picking up the cigarette beside another coworker’s bed,Handed one to Wang Quansheng。
Wang Quansheng took the cigarette,Ignite,Sit down by the canopy bed,Smoked a cigarette,In the smoke,Looking at Lin Dong who is still smiling。
“All right?”
Wang Quansheng asked,Lin Dong naturally understands what he said,Replied:“Should be almost there,I don’t have any headaches in these two days,But I think I still need to raise……”
Wang Quansheng is speechless,But he didn’t dare to force Lin Dong to work,In case this kid is playing a rogue,Frustrate him,He really wants to cry。
“Adong,You know i’m just a job contract,Not a big boss with labor and materials,You hurt,I have already paid so much for medical expenses,Counting it down, there is no money to make……”
Lin Dong is kind by nature,Think carefully,Also,Wang Quansheng’s little foreman,Not much。
So he said:“Pharaoh,How about this!Salary till today,No salary will be calculated from tomorrow,I continue to raise for a while,It hurts the head after all……”
Looking at Wang Quansheng’s shabby clothes,Dark face and wrinkles,Finger with cigarette,Rough deformation,Black nails,But the nails are yellowed by smoke。
Lin Dong couldn’t bear it after all,They all eat together outside,Not easy。
Listen to what Lin Dong said,Wang Quansheng was a little surprised,Also some surprises,This kid has a good character,So I hurried to smoke,Happily handed one to Lin Dong。