2015 NBA Finals Sixth Half Half Game: Cavaliers only 2 points behind Warriors
The Cavaliers ushered in the sixth game with the Warriors Finals at home. The Cavaliers, who were 13 points behind in the first quarter, continued to counterattack in the second quarter, chasing 43-45 at the end of the half.James has scored 15 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists, and has become the youngest player in league history with 5000 points in the playoffs.Curry sent 11 points and 5 assists for the Warriors.  The Warriors built a 13-point lead at the end of the first quarter with a 26-8 offense.The game is close to a key watershed-the Warriors have won at least 15 points in 57 games this season!LeBron, win or go home!  The Cavaliers put great pressure into the second quarter. In the second quarter, they attacked James Jones for a long shot and made Livingston foul. Jones made 3 free throws.Jones had not scored in the previous two games, which is understood as one of the reasons why the Cavaliers lost 2 games in a row.The Cavaliers’ attack was still difficult. James was forced to throw the ball at a zero angle on the right when he was about to violate the 24-second violation.While the Cavaliers fans just got up and applauded, Barbosa returned the long shot for the Warriors.  However, the Warriors also suffered from disadvantages. Klay Thompson fouled continuously on both ends of the offense and defense within half a minute.Facing the situation where the Cavaliers were dominated by Mozgov, the Warriors insisted on a small lineup.In the first quarter, Mozgov’s slow movement was fully exposed, and the Warriors formed empty shots many times.The situation changed significantly in the second quarter-the Warriors continued to try to hit the inside line during the operation. Mozgov blocked Iguodala, Barnes and Curry one after another, especially for Iguodala.  After James and Chambert scored goals, the Cavaliers chased 29-34.But again, the Cavaliers fans were suppressed as soon as they got up, and Barnes shot into the long shot to consolidate the Warriors’ leading position.  The Cavaliers insisted on attacking the inside line to form an effect, Mozgov forced the Warriors to foul continuously, and made 4 free throws.The Cavaliers’ tough defense also paid a price, and Green and Iguodala made consecutive Champions fouls in the screen cooperation.Immediately after Champert was off the court for three offences, James’ slam dunk also made Iguodala make three premature offences.But James missed 2 free throws.  With 2 minutes left in the second quarter, James scored a 3-pointer.Zhan Huang reached a milestone on this point-his total score in the playoffs exceeded 5000 points, becoming the youngest player in history with 5000 points in the playoffs.  Although the Cavaliers also made three mistakes in a row, but still led by James.Before the halftime, James forcibly missed the basket, Tristan Thompson gave a domineering supplement, the Cavaliers chased 43-45.(Sky fire)