Eight key points of education to open the baby’s intelligence

1: Strict requirements from childhood, so that children develop good moral qualities and living habits.

  2: Exercise memory: After telling the story to the child, let the child organize the language and repeat it.

  3: Broaden your horizons: often take your child outside to accept new things and gain insight.

  4: Cultivate and improve observation ability: Sometimes parents are free to do small things that violate the routine and let the child correct them.

  5: Don’t waste children’s intelligence: When children learn babbling, teach them the correct language instead of saying kittens as “cats and cats”.

  6: Stimulate and encourage children’s learning emotions.

When you have a question, you must answer it.

  7: Encourage your child’s multiple interests.

  8: Cultivate thinking ability from a young age: Frequently ask questions to let children think and answer.