But this credit,except me,One more person。”
Tian Hai looked at the vice chairman and said。
is it?
Who else?”
The vice chairman did not expect,This got confidential information,There are others involved。
“Is a supervisor of the Lin Group branch,But at the moment, he is no longer in charge of their company。
But was blacklisted by the Lin Group,One person who was completely blocked。
The reason why he brought this secret,As the sincerity of joining our company。”
Tian Hai said truthfully。
“is it?
Then take him to my office another day,The Lin Group is going to block,The more I want to use。”
I’ll take this person to your office, vice chairman。”
“Ok!Then you go to supervise everyone’s work。
Strive to be listed before tomorrow night,of course,If in the morning,That’s better。”
Dididi!!!Separated from the vice chairman,After returning to my job,Tian Hai directly dialed Liu Yu’s number。
“Director Tian,how?
Your boss agrees to add me to your company?”