“Batman”, “Wonder Woman” published “Justice League” out of the director’s edited version
Both “Batman” and “Wonder Woman” are full of hope to see the edited version of “League of Justice” by director Zach Schneider (center) as soon as possible.On November 18th, coincided with the second anniversary of the release of “Justice League”, the topic of “cutting” Zac Schneider’s edited version that could “show up” once again broke the social platform, “Batman” Ben Affleck,Wonder Woman “Gal Gadot,” Steel Bone “Ray Fisher also joined the ranks, have attracted hope on the social platform to see the release of the clip guide version as soon as possible.Air Force “Sea King” Jason Momma and “The Flash” Ezra Miller also expressed their desire to “release a clip version of Zadao”, and then Zadao himself tweeted Gado and Affleck, Saying: “This ancient Amazonian can’t be wrong, nor can Batman.”Under the pressure of this network, many foreign media expect that the edited version may land on Warner’s streaming platform HBO Max, but there are also foreign media reports. At present, Warner has not previously announced the release of the director’s edited version.”Justice League” has experienced the control of two directors, Schneider and Joss Weiden, a large number of remakes in different creative directions, supplementary shots and later adjustments. The film also reflects the transformation, and the global box office is bleak (6.500 million US dollars), let some fans wonder what Schneider’s original goal was (he resigned as the director of Justice League after his daughter’s death).There has always been a fan. The actor is a candidate to release this version. Schneider himself has shared his original predictions and some stills of the film many times in the past two years. Behind the scenes.At the beginning of this year, a fan revealed that Schneider had confirmed that the editor’s edition of the Justice League belongs to him and has been completed. Whether it is released depends on Warner. He still does not know that Warner has a release plan.He said that there are 10 different versions of the film, one of which is a more definite version, that is, the director ‘s edited version in his mouth.The special effects were not completed, and the director ‘s edited version lasted 214 minutes.In addition to “Justice League” actors, “Suicide Squad” director David Ayer, the script “Overwatch” creator Damon Lindelov, “Dr. Strange” director Scott Drakeson also recently expressed thatBlack support.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Chen Diyan