[How long is the steamed gourd?]_ Production method _ home practice

No matter the young people, children or the elderly, they prefer to eat some sticky foods, because some foods are inherently weak, the taste is very good, and they are lighter and can lose weight.Adding pepper or too much oil during the frying process, the problem of not being able to eat it by yourself, the more common steamed wok, waxy, and sweet, but also natural sugar, the most important thing is the timeBe good at it.

Use 300g wok melon ingredients 60g red dates, 10g lilies, 10g honey, method 1, wash and peel the wok melon, cut into pieces.

2. Wash the red dates, soak them for a while, and remove the seeds.

3. Lily foam (fresh lily is best).

4. Put the gourd on the plate, put the red dates, and put the lily in the middle.

5. Add to the pot and steam over high heat.

6. Pour out the water in the wok pan, add a spoonful of honey, stir well and pour on the wok.

Method 2 Disadvantages: Cut the pier (primary) time: 10-30 minutes. The main ingredients are melons, auxiliaries, green peppers, oyster sauce, edible vegetables, edible garlic, and edible vegetables.

Slice the gourd 2.

Chopped garlic and green peppers and flattened in a dish 3.

Lay the chopped gourds on the plate 4.

Put on olive dish 5.

Add oyster sauce 6.

Place the dish in a wok and steam for 15 minutes on high heat7.

You can take out the steamed gourd after steaming it. This dish does not need to put oil and salt. You can directly borrow the oil and saltiness of oyster sauce and olives to cook it. Turn off the heat and then open the board for a while.For any technical difficulty, lettuce and oyster sauce can be increased or decreased according to personal taste. Note 1, it is best to have fresh lilies.

2. If there is no honey, you can use white sugar instead, that is, sprinkle white sugar before steaming.

Medicinal value litmus, main ingredients: fruit contains citrulline (arginine), arginine (arginine), asparagine (asparagine), lutein (lutein), cucurbitin B (Cucurbitin B) and other ingredients.
[Pharmacological action]Hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic and anti-cancer.

[Sexual taste function]sweet, flat.

Detoxification and swelling.

[Indications]Indications: Pulmonary dysentery, respiratory disease, bloated, scalded, poisonous bee stalk.

Oral: Moderate, steamed or mashed.

Topical: Moderate, apply.