6 causes of one-night stand in women

One: Injury. This is the root cause of girls who are constantly looking for one-night stand. The injury comes from the bottom of their hearts.

  The most is abandoned by her boyfriend, and this boyfriend is often their first man, the first man who thought he could entrust his lifetime.

So after breaking up with them, they suffered great psychological damage and no longer believed in love, so they began to deliberately indulge themselves and use the one-night stand to make up for the wounds in their hearts.

And because of the disappointment of love and the hatred of self-indulgence, this complicated feeling will lead to psychologically thinking that you are a bad girl and more self-indulgent, so you can find a one-night stand.

In fact, it is just an emotional release. They use extreme feelings to release the gloom of their hearts. At this time, the one-night stand is just a disguised masochism, like a wounded beast, but it is constantly tearing their wounds.Let the wound bleed constantly . I want to tell this kind of girls: Actually, it doesn’t have to be painful so that you can feel your presence, in fact you can change back again.

It is not easy for people to live, please cherish yourself and cherish your body.

  Two: A moment’s anger can make a big difference without a person.

  These girls tend to be more lively and angry.

Often after a fight with her boyfriend, a one-night stand is used to calm down one’s mood.

In fact, they just wanted to vent their minds. In fact, like children, they thought that their boyfriend didn’t care about me anyway, and I wanted to get angry with him on purpose.

In fact, she just wanted to find someone to care about her, so it was often easy to have a one-night stand with a guy who could comfort her, to find the loss.

But often after a one-night stand, after calming down, I began to regret what I did.

Often many young girls are so angry and even young women . Quoting Mingyan: Men often regret not having a relationship with a woman; women regret having a relationship with a man.

  I hope that these girls can think for three minutes calmly before looking for a one-night stand. In fact, you can use a more appropriate method to balance your mood, and some kind of chat . Three: The lonely heart often needs to be comforted.

  When the night is long and unaccompanied, psychological loneliness is often the reason for single women’s one-night stand.

In fact, the need for sex is not great, I just want to find someone to accompany myself and spend a long night with myself.

One night stand is a mosaic of the longing for warmth and the fear of loneliness.

These girls are generally open-minded and advanced . full of desire for romance.

  What I want to say is, pay attention to contraception . 4: The pursuit of sexual desire.

  Food color, sex too.

With the opening of ideas, many women express their desires more directly.

They find one-night stand because of naked sexual needs, often divorced, her husband has not been around for a long time . Actually, women and men have the same sexual and physical needs, so they are eager to meet their physiological needs through one-night stand.

  Freud asserted in A Future of Illusions, “Man is a low-energy mentally retarded creature dominated by instinctual aspirations.

“Five: Strange curiosity about sex.

  Because the Internet is now flooded with a lot of sexual knowledge, it often seduces young children, making them just budding, and creating a lot of curiosity about sex. In addition, many enthusiastic perverts on the Internet, some kind ofThe little sister easily got into the mouth of the satyrs and became the victim of a one-night stand.

Because the Internet brings people of different ages together, they do not want to admit that their naivety often becomes a fatal injury to children.

After losing her body, maybe she doesn’t understand what happened . Because they are at a rebellious age, they always have a fearless psychology to pursue stimulation and fun, but they hurt themselves . I thinkWhat is said is that you shouldn’t look at it, don’t look at it, don’t do it, it’s good for yourself.

  Six: Others are other . There are various reasons, not one by one, some kind of job needs (hey, what kind of job everyone understands), special hobbies, for national unity or something .