At least 880On sale!
Between this and one,Made more than 20 million yuan less!
But they are also psychologically balanced,Because the tickets in Huajing and Yuezhou are the same,Sold out early,It’s too late to raise prices now。
in20000In the voice of the audience,NBAPreseason China Tournament——Los Angeles LakersVSHouston Rockets game,Officially kicked off。
Originally, the Rockets did not intend to send their main force at the beginning。
But as soon as I saw Kobe and Iverson over there, they all looked at me.,For fear of being beaten by the Lakers as soon as they come up,Can only send out the strongest lineup。
The two biggest stars,Howard and Harden are happy。
Arrange the two of them to beat the weak,They feel upset。
Now let them go up,It’s what the two of them are most happy to see!
This is the respect for oneself and the opponent!
That’s it,Start with the two teams playing,Played the level of the superstar team playoffs。
Whether it’s Kobe’s breakthrough shots,Howard’s defense and dunks,Or Harden’s flexible pace and pick-and-roll layups,Make the audience look mesmerized。
But the most amazing,But still the fourth superstar,That year is full40Year-old soldier who never surrenders。
Iverson did not show his legendary walk through flowers and butterflies,And he didn’t make a big difference,But he contributed as fast as lightning,There is also a precise in-place take-off and layup、Dry shot。
evenNBAExperts over there,While explaining the game,Can’t help but exclaim。
“Gosh,Allen’s suspended time and distance,Still top!awesome!!I seem to see Alan has returned!!”
Hit in a blink of an eye8Minutes,The score on the field is20:18,Lakers lead by two points。