The Tang You Cup is accurate to August, and how to confirm the badminton Olympic qualifications remains to be announced
The World Badminton Federation made a decision last night: the Tangyou Cup final stage of the antiques originally scheduled for the end of May until the beginning of August 15th, the antique Asian Championships for the end of April were suspended.The World Badminton Federation said that as the new crown pneumonia epidemic intensified globally, after consultation with the organizer of the Danish Badminton Association, it was agreed that the Tang You Cup is no longer suitable for May antiques, and will be until August 15-23Still in Aarhus, Denmark.According to the original plan, the points the athletes won in the Tang You Cup will be ranked in the Olympic seed ranking.In this way, if the Tokyo Olympics can be antiqued as scheduled, the Tang You Cup will not affect the Olympic qualification.The Tokyo Olympics badminton event is scheduled to start on July 26.The World Badminton Federation also announced that it will suspend intercontinental competitions such as the Asian Championships (April 21-26), European Championships (April 21-26) and Pan American Championships (April 23-26).Regarding the Olympic points, a detailed explanation will be issued later.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chen Zhang Yunfeng proofread Liu Jun