t’s been growing all over the system since you left. Since May first. It’s the frozen trains.” “The what?” “We’ve had trains abandoned on the line, on some passing track, in the middle of


nowhere, usually at night-with the entire crew gone. They just leave the train and vanish. There’s never any warning given or any special reason, it’s more like an 深圳桑拿按摩大家都去哪家啊 epidemic, it hits the men suddenly and they go. It’s been happening on other railroads, too. Nobody can explain it. But I think that everybody understands. It’s the directive that’s doing it. It’s our men’s form of protest. They try to go on and then they suddenly reach a moment when they can’t take it any longer. What can we do about it?” He shrugged. “Oh well, who is John Galt?” She nodded thoughtfully; she did not look astonished. The telephone rang and the voice of her secretary said, “Mr. Wesley Mouch calling from Washington, Miss Taggart.” Her lips stiffened a little, as at the unexpected touch of an insect. “It must be for my brother,” she said. “No, Miss Taggart. For you.” “All right. Put him on.” “Miss Taggart,” said the voice of Wesley Mouch in the tone of a cocktail-party host, “I was so glad to hear you’ve 深圳蒲友论坛交流 regained your health that I wanted to welcome you back in person. I know that your health required a long rest and I appreciate the patriotism that made you cut your leave of absence short in this terrible emergency. I wanted to assure you that you can count on our co-operation in any step you now find it necessary to take. Our fullest co-operation, assistance and support. If there are any . . . special exceptions you might require, please feel certain that they can be granted.” She let him speak, even though he had made several small pauses inviting an answer. When his pause became long enough, she said, “I would be much obliged if you would let me speak to Mr. Weatherby.” “Why, of course, Miss Taggart, any time you wish . . . why . . .that is . . . do you mean, now?” “Yes. Right now.” He understood. But he said, “Yes, Miss 深圳桑拿小姐图片 Taggart.” When Mr. Weatherby’s voice came on the wire, it sounded cautious: “Yes, Miss Taggart? Of what service can I be to you?” “You can tell your boss that if he doesn’t want me to quit again, as he knows I did, he is never to call me or speak to me. Anything your gang has to tell me, let them send you to tell it. I’ll speak to you, but not to him. You may tell him that my reason is what he did to Hank Rearden when he was on Rearden’s payroll. If everybody else has forgotten it, I haven’t.” “It is my duty to assist the nation’s railroads at any time, Miss Taggart.” Mr. Weatherby sounded as if he were trying to avoid the commitment of having heard what he had heard; but a sudden note of interest crept into his voice as he asked slowly, thoughtfully, with guarded shrewdness, “Am I to understand, Miss Taggart, that it is 深圳桑拿会所论坛 your wish to deal exclusively with me in all official matters? May I take this as your policy?” She gave a brief, harsh chuckle. “Go ahead,” she said. “You may list me as your exclusive property, use me as a special item of pull, and trade me all over Washington. But I don’t know what good that will do you, because I’m not going to play the game, I’m not going to trade favors,


I’m simply going to start breaking your laws right now-and you can arrest me when you feel that you can afford to.” “I believe that you have an old-fashioned idea about law, Miss Taggart. Why speak of rigid, unbreakable laws? Our modern laws are elastic and open to interpretation according to . . . circumstances.” “Then start being elastic right now, because I’m not and neither are railroad catastrophes.” She hung up, and said to Eddie, in the tone of 深圳喜悦水会全套 an estimate passed on physical objects, “They’ll leave us alone for a while.” She did not seem to notice the changes in her office: the absence of Nat Taggart’s portrait, the new g