CBA donated 3 million yuan for the first batch of donations to support Hubei’s anti-epidemic situation
The CBA Alliance today announced the first donation of RMB 3 million to fully support the prevention and control of new pneumonia in Hubei Province.The official budget of the CBA Alliance: firm confidence, work together, scientific statistics, and precise policy.The CBA Alliance actively responded to the call of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Under the leadership of the Chinese Basketball Association, it worked with all clubs to participate in the epidemic prevention and control battle with practical action.The first three million donations have been donated to the China Charity Federation for the purchase of medical protective materials in Hubei Province, to support the major hospitals to fight the epidemic, and to console the frontline medical staff.The CBA League and many clubs and athletes have launched the #Battle New Pneumonia CBA in Action # special event on social media, paying tribute to the national medical staff, and demonstrating that fans wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and call for fewer parties, Confidence, and cheer for the prevention and control of the epidemic.This donation is the first step for the CBA family to support epidemic prevention and control.The CBA Alliance has exchanged contracts with various clubs, and continues to donate money and materials according to needs, work together, and work together to cheer Hubei and the medical workers who are struggling to fight the epidemic.According to the development trend of the recent epidemic situation, the CBA league has broken through all the games originally planned after the off-season of the Chinese New Year this season, and spare no effort to protect the health of the fans, athletes and staff.The CBA family firmly believes that through the concerted efforts of the people of the whole country, all will come together, and scientific evidence will definitely win this epidemic prevention and control battle.Come on Hubei!Go China!Yesterday, the Guangdong men’s basketball team said that all the soldiers will invest 2 million to fight the epidemic.Shougang men’s basketball team Zhai Xiaochuan, Chang Lin and other CBA players also donated money in their own names.