Method of training breathing

Exhale first by sitting or standing in a relaxed position, with the spine and head held vertically on the ground, sagging naturally or resting on your legs.

At the beginning, exhale slowly. Use the method of contracting the muscles in the abdomen to drive the gas out of the abdominal cavity. When the abdominal cavity is completely recessed into the body, begin to shrink the ribs slowly. When the ribs are contracted, you can expel the gas from the chest until the gas is exhausted.

  Inhalation now we enter the cessation phase, stop breathing while the abdominal cavity and chest cavity are completely depressed, and hold for about 2-3 seconds; then enter the inhalation phase, which is the opposite of exhalation.

Let’s relax the ribs first, let the gas fill your chest slowly, try to inhale to expand the chest to the maximum extent, continue to inhale gently, relax the residue slowly, the residue gradually bulges.

At this point, we have completed the entire process of yoga breathing.

  When you first hold your breath, hold your breath and inhale for 5 seconds each, but you only need 2 seconds to hold your breath. Then when you gradually enter (this takes about a month or so), you begin to extend your breath, inhale, and hold your breath.time.

When you practice, you must always observe your body changes. If you experience breathing difficulties within a short while, this means that the time taken is different from yourself. You need to adjust the time of exhalation, inhalation, and breath holding; the body will slightly slightlySweating is especially on the top of the head. Don’t worry, it means that your body is entering a good cycle. The body’s toxins are slowly being replaced by the yoga breathing method, and the body is purified.

  Yoga breathing increases the amount of oxygen inhaled, increases lung capacity, purifies blood, and increases vitality and endurance.

It can improve the activities of the human digestive organs, eliminate and cure diseases of the digestive system, and then affect the endocrine adenosine, thereby causing the activities of the ovaries and insulin pills.

  Please note: Be sure to develop yoga breathing in your daily routine so that it becomes your lifestyle.