“You still behave,Then why do they have so many marks on their bodies,Dare you say you didn’t do it?”She shouted loudly。
“Back to the question,They came to me,I finished the class well,They said they were with you,So i went,Went there, the two of them tried to seduce me!These my classmates can prove。”
seventy-five、Warming up
I finished the shower,Get dressed,I’m afraid Zhong Manxia has arrived early, waiting for me,I hurried out。
To Simon,I’m relieved,Fortunately she hasn’t arrived yet,Otherwise let the woman wait for me under the scorching sun,That’s a very serious fault。
Waited a few minutes,From the girls’ apartment, I trot over, a beautiful figure holding a small umbrella,She is wearing a bright yellow dress,Foot white high heel sandals,Bright and beautiful。
She saw me standing there,I was so distressed that I ran near,Raise the little flower umbrella to cover me,Apologetic:“sorry!It took a while to change clothes,Have you been waiting for a long time!”
I took her little flower umbrella,Grab her hand and pull her to her side,Both are full of sweat,Slippery,sticky,Not comfortable at all,Complained:“Such a hot day,What is your girl doing?,If I tan you,I will feel bad。And look at me in a stinky sweat,I’m afraid it will get you。”
She smiled,Wayward Way:“I just wanna see you,Coming out,And you stinks me two,I smell your,Don’t despise anyone。”
It’s the hottest time of the day,Everyone takes a lunch break in the dormitory,No one on the road,So we are not afraid of being seen,I will hold her hand,The two came all the way to the big tree beside the open space outside the school。
As soon as I came under the big tree,Really cooler,It’s relatively empty here,There is a breeze from time to time,It didn’t take long for the sweat on both of them to dry up.,Although it is still hot,But I can accept it。
Zhong Manxia couldn’t help but pounced into my arms,She endured very hard just now,It’s the first time we have had close contact with each other since Yang County,She has been missing my embrace all this time,Finally got a chance today。
Since coming to school,We basically don’t have the opportunity to be alone,Zhong Manxia is too much attention,And as my reputation rises,It’s even more difficult for the two to get along。
Zhong Manxia was held in my arms,I feel the long-lost warmth and security,Her mood suddenly calmed down,I just want to hold me like this,Thinking of asking me aggressively just now,Feel embarrassed again。
“Sorry,You treat me so well,I still know what they are,But don’t trust you so much。”
I hold her,The tip of her nose smells the good smell of her,Feel sweet and happy,Hearing this with a smile:“You are so anxious to hear this,I’m still very happy,It shows you care about me,If you are indifferent,Then I’ll be bad,Ha ha!”
“I’m so scared,You give your phone the first time you eat,I think it’s not good,Later, you fought against Wu Ting,I’m even more worried。I didn’t expect them to seduce you so directly,If you are seduced by them,Don’t want me,Then I don’t know how to live in the future。”She said sadly,Two lines of clear tears fell from the corner of her eyes,After being in love, the goddess is actually as sentimental as ordinary girls,Belittle oneself。