Overcoming 7 psychological barriers in the workplace with exercise

Sports psychology research shows that these sports activities require athletes to have a certain ability to control themselves. Therefore, targeted physical exercise is a psychological training method to effectively correct personal psychological defects and cultivate a sound personality.

  1. Types of defects: People with timidity are timid by nature. They are afraid of taking the risk of failure when they learn. They are often shy and blushing.

  Sports prescription: It is recommended to participate in sports such as swimming, ice skating, boxing, skiing, parallel bars, vaulting, balance beam and other sports.

  Reason: These activities require people to continually overcome psychological phobias such as fear of falling and pain, and to overcome difficulties with bravery and fearlessness in order to overcome obstacles.

After a period of exercise, I believe your courage will gradually increase.

  2. Types of defects: This type of person is nervous and panicked on important occasions or exams. In severe cases, the brain is blank, which causes normal levels to fail.

  Exercise prescription: These people should overcome their personality defects and participate in more competitive sports, especially football, basketball, volleyball and other competitions.

  Reason: The situation on the field is changing, intense and intense. Only with a calm and calm mentality can we calmly cope.

If the test of such fierce confrontation can be frequently compressed, people will not be overly nervous in the event of an accident, and their learning will be more relaxed.

  3. Types of defects: People who are lonely are not naturally gregarious, and are not good at interacting with people. They are easily isolated by society, and accidentally close their study and life.

  Sports prescription: It is recommended that there should be fewer sports for single soldiers, and more team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball or relay running, and tug of war.

  Reasons: Persist in participating in these collective events, which can strengthen their vitality and cooperation with others, enable athletes to love the collective more, gradually adapt to interaction with classmates and friends, and gradually change the lonely character.

  4. Types of defects: Suspicious people are often hesitant about too many big things and petty affairs, and lack of decisiveness in doing things. Looking ahead and looking back, the result often misses good opportunities and even leads to the possibility of error.

  Sports prescription: It is recommended to choose table tennis, tennis, badminton, high jump, motorcycle, long jump, fencing, hurdle, wrestling and other items.

  Reasons: The above items require athletes to be calm-headed, quick-thinking, accurate in judgment, be assertive, any suspicious, hesitant, and shake may lead to failure, so long practice can help people develop decisive personality qualities.

  5, type of defect: impatient, such people lack patience, eager to achieve success, often make mistakes because of impulse.

  Exercise prescription: To overcome irritability, alternately play chess, play Tai Chi, jogging, long walks, swimming and cycling, shooting and other sports.

  Reason: The above exercise is not high in intensity, persistence and endurance, and adhere to activities such as the army can help people regulate the activity of the nervous system and enhance self-control ability, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilizing emotions and overcoming anxiety.

  6. Types of defects: Inferiority. This kind of person lacks the self-confidence they should have. They are accustomed to retreating before they enter the battlefield. They are often worried that they cannot complete their learning tasks, and are blamed by teachers and parents.

  Exercise prescription: You can choose some simple and easy to do sports, such as skipping ropes, push-ups, radio exercises, running, etc.

  Reason: The above items are simple and easy to implement, which will help to relieve the tight string, and remind yourself constantly that “I am OK”.

Persist in exercise and your self-confidence will gradually increase.

  7, type of defect: arrogant, such people like stubbornness in everything, overestimate themselves, despise others, easily cause peer resentment.

  Sports prescription: Does not prevent intentional selection of shortcomings, complex movements, such as diving, gymnastics, marathon and other items, or find some masters who are far beyond their own level for chess, table tennis, badminton and other items.

  Reason: There are people outside, there are days outside, and experience the difficulties of sports more, which helps to overcome conceit and pride.