What to pay attention to when eating fish head

锘? What to pay attention to when eating fish head The fish head pesticide residue is 5 to 10 times higher than the fish body. The former Tianjin Agricultural College Dean Li Wenrui wrote in the “China Youth Daily” that recently I saw some feeds to introduce fish head hot pot, which cannot help me […]

Sanfutian health care should have three defenses

锘? Sanfutian health care should have “three defenses” Today will usher in the first day of this year’s glory, and then people will usher in the “three days” of “high temperature, high humidity, high heat.” This year’s “three days” is 30 days, 10 days less than last year’s “three days.” However, the experts still remind […]

Twelve habits that TCM needs to adhere to

锘? Twelve habits that TCM needs to adhere to TCM health has been circulating since ancient times and has been maintained until today, indicating that TCM health is very effective. So, do you want to know what is the embodiment of TCM health in daily life? Next, let’s talk about it; there are many ways […]

Imperial old Chinese medicine Than the drug to kiss the pro micro-film hilarious release!

锘? “Imperial” old Chinese medicine “Than the drug to kiss the pro” micro-film hilarious release! The old Chinese medicine health planning filmed the micro-movie “Than the drug recruiting pro” after intense post-production, recently officially laughed and released to meet with you! In the end, in this test, the brothers and sisters who can finally pass […]

Weekend – should leave time for couples to live

锘? Weekend: You should leave time for your husband and wife The nine-to-five accelerated work made the couples exhausted, and there was no time to stop and enjoy the world of two people from Monday to Friday. Therefore, the famous American sex magazine “Red Book” featured a selection of articles, couples should make full use […]

Ten personality love rumors

锘? Ten personality love rumors Sexual love lies in rumors. Most women’s ideas about sex come from the exchange of experience and self-study between friends and family. Many women’s ideas about sex are because they are ashamed to question, so they can only find answers from books or the Internet. However, they don’t know each […]