Mo Xiaosheng raised a playful smile at the corner of his mouth,Then he grabbed Scarface’s wrist like lightning,Then push it hard,Click,Scarface’s wrist shattered,Then Mo Xiaosheng kicked his chest,Scarface flew out before he let out a painful cry,Fell heavily ten meters away,Tumbled twice before stopping。
“Sorry,I used too much energy。”Mo Xiaosheng said apologetically,He has tried his best to restrain,I didn’t expect the strength to be so great。
Scarface screamed in pain,I got up and vomited blood,Hiss:“To kill him!”
The gangsters were shocked by Mo Xiaosheng’s trick just now,They came to their senses after Scar Man shouted,Immediately, the knife and stick in his hand rushed up。
But after they rushed forward,Mo Xiaosheng’s figure suddenly disappeared!
Mo Xiaosheng patted one of the gangsters on the back,The moment he looked back,Hit him in the face with a punch,The gangster fell to the ground,No sense。
The gangsters were scared by Mo Xiaosheng’s fearful skills,Shout,Used to hide my fear,Rushed up again with a knife and stick。
Mo Xiaosheng looked at them,Too lazy to waste time with them,One punch,The figure is like a gust of wind,Less than ten seconds,All the gangsters have been planted to the ground。
“you……who are you?”
Scar face opened mouth wide,Holding his chest and looking at Mo Xiaosheng in shock,As soon as I raised my head, a bunch of younger brothers fell down。
Scar face was terrified。
“You don’t care who i am,You just have to remember,I’m the one you can’t afford。”Mo Xiaosheng raised his right hand gently,In a grasping state,The next moment a red flame appeared on the palm of his hand,Jumping with the hot air wave。He walked to Scarface,Majestic,Full of domineering,“If not。”After speaking, the flame in the palm of his hand flew out with a swish,Landed on that buggy,A bang explosion sounded,Half of the car was blown up and changed shape,
“That’s your end。”