h the wall of the wardrobe, the semi-extracted lining of the breast pocket of his spare suit, the particular symmetry of certain dents in his tube of Macleans 深圳按摩会所网 toothpaste-had been bungled or disturbed. They all might have been by a meticulous servant, a trained valet. But Jamaican servants, for all their charm and willingness, are not of this calibre. No. Between nine and ten, when Bond was doing his rounds and was well away from the hotel, his room had received a 深圳按摩推油论坛 thorough going-over by someone who knew his business.
Bond was pleased. It was good to know that the fight was well and truly joined. If he found a chance of making a foray into Number 20, he hoped that he would do better. He took a shower. Afterwards, as he brushed his hair, he looked at himself in the mirror with inquiry. He was feeling a hundred percent fit, but he remembered the dull, lacklustre eyes that had looked back at him when he shaved after first entering The Park-the tense, preoccupied expression on his face. Now 深圳桑拿洗浴全套 the grey-blue eyes looked back at him from the tanned face with the brilliant glint of suppressed


excitement and accurate focus of the old days. He smiled ironically back at the introspective scrutiny that so many people make of themselves before a race, a contest of wits, a trial of some sort. He had no excuses. 深圳按摩打飞机 He was ready to go.
The bar was through a brass-studded leather door opposite the lobby to the conference room. It was-in the fashion-a mock-English public-house saloon bar with luxury accessories. The scrubbed wooden chairs and benches had foam-rubber squabs in red leather. Behind the bar, the tankards were of silver, or simulated silver, instead of pewter. The hunting prints, copper and brass hunting horns, muskets and powder horns, on the walls could have come from the Parker Galleries in London. Instead of tankards of 深圳桑拿浴中心场所 beer, bottles of champagne in antique coolers stood on the tables and, instead


of yokels, the hoods stood around in what looked like Brooks Brothers “tropical” attire and carefully sipped their drinks while “Mine Host” leant against the polished mahogany bar and twirled his golden gun round and round on the first 深圳按摩特殊实拍 finger of his right hand like the snide poker cheat out of an old Western.
As the door closed behind Bond with a pressurized sigh, the golden gun halted in midwhirl and sighted on Bond’s stomach. “Fellows,” said Scaramanga, mock boisterous, “meet my personal assistant, Mr. Mark Hazard, from London, England. He’s come along to make things run smoothly over this weekend. Mark, come over and meet the gang and pass round the canapes.” He lowered the gun and shoved it into his waistband.
James Bond stitched a personal assistant 深圳桑拿夜网论坛 smile on his face and walked up to the bar. Perhaps because he was an Englishman, there was a round of handshaking. The red-coated barman asked him what he would have, and he said, “Some pink gin. Plenty of bitters. Beefeater’s.” There was desultory talk about the relative merits of gins. Everyone else seemed to be 深圳桑拿沐足体验报告 drinking champagne except Mr. Hendriks, who stood away from the group and nursed a Schweppes Bitter Lemon. Bond moved among the men. He made small talk about their flight, the weather in the States, the beauties of Jamaica. He wanted to fit the voices to the names. He gravitated towards Mr. Hendriks. “Seems we’re the only two Europeans here. Gather you’re from Holland. Often passed through. Never stayed there long. Beautiful country.”
The very pale blue eyes regarded Bond unenthusiastically. “Sank you.”
“What part do you 深圳龙岗最大桑拿论坛 come from?”
“Den Haag.”
“Have you lived there long?”
“Many, many years.”
“Beautiful town.”
“Sank you.”
“Is this your first visit to Jamaica?”
“How do you like it?” “It’s a beautiful place.”
Bond nearly said “Sank you.” He smiled encouragingly at Mr. Hendriks as much as to say, “I’ve made all the running so far. Now you say something.”
Mr. Hendriks looked past Bond’