Meng Yongqiang: Withdraw from China, Africa and Africa to withdraw from football and insist on discussing the “double standard” statement with the Football Association
The issue of leaving the club of Baoding Yingli Yitong of China National Club B has recently attracted attention from the outside world: after the withdrawal letter was issued the day before, club investor Meng Yongqiang said on personal social media today that he withdrew from the league.In an interview with Sauna and Yewang, Meng Yongqiang was outstanding. If the Football Association did not explain clearly the “double standard” that appeared in the entry review, he would insist on discussing the statement.Screenshot of Meng Yongqiang’s social media.The controversial double standard Football Association has not yet responded. As an investor in Baoding Yingli Yitong Club, Meng Yongqiang reposted a report on his social media today that “Beijing University took over Inner Mongolia Zhongyou”.According to the report, although Zhongyou Club Inner Mongolia Zhongyou has not changed its name, it has been invested by the company affiliated to the General Administration of Sports, which means that it will be the person in charge of Beiti Industrial Management Group, a subsidiary of Beijing Sports University.Beijing University of Physical Education last year invested in the China First National Sports Club and the China Second Hebei North Sports University Elite Club. Although in order to circumvent the relationship, Beijing Sports University withdrew from the Hebei elite shareholder sequence, but the outside still questioned the executives of the two clubs.There is an association relationship.This time Inner Mongolia Zhongyou and Beijing Normal University were similarly questioned.Meng Yongqiang expressed great anger at this and decided to re-apply for the league.In an interview with Sauna and Yewang, he said: “Originally we have decided to withdraw, but the Football Association has repeatedly adjusted for individual clubs (time to submit the salary and bonus confirmation form). I found that there was a problem, so I asked for it.It is hoped that the Football Association will strictly follow the regulations, or give the small and medium-sized clubs that encounter difficulties enough time to deal with the difficulties caused by the injuries suffered by Jinyuan Football in a special period.Regarding what the outside world thinks of the “Northern University System”, Meng Yongqiang believes: “Isn’t this a double standard?”Investors in different clubs are temporarily connected, not to mention an investor. This is the red line set by the Football Association.The Northern Sports Department knows what’s going on in the football world, and the Football Association can’t give the green light on the grounds of offending.If you open it, everyone will open it, and I have already found investors.”Meng Yongqiang hopes to communicate with the relevant person in charge of the Chinese Football Association on this matter, but until this afternoon, he has not yet received a reply from the Football Association,” I will definitely not give up on this matter, I will be worthy of the club I have invested for many years.So far, the Football Association has not given me a reply, the text message will not return, and the phone will not answer.”Meng Yongqiang screenshots on social media.Even if he withdrew from China B, he would not withdraw from football to restore Baoding Yingli Yitong’s decision to withdraw. Meng Yongqiang’s next job is to solve the club’s remaining problems-in the previous withdrawal announcement, it was clearly pointed out that the club’s alternative solution to the salary bonus is about 9 million yuan.If you stay in China B, the club must first resolve this part of the arrears.Baoding Rongda Group withdrew its capital from the club the year before, and Meng Yongqiang reappeared: “Now affected by the football environment, the club itself does not have any profitability and financing capabilities, nor can it find a partner.I can only find a way. I have invested hundreds of millions in the past few years, all of which are my personal assets.”As an investor, he is trying to solve these remaining problems.” Our club’s own problems are only short-term difficulties. I will personally solve all the problems with additional investment, regardless of whether the club will withdraw from the league.”But he still needs time:” It takes about half a year.Now that the market is sluggish, it takes time to realize the resources.After so many years of perseverance, no one wants to persevere because of such little money.”In fact, the Air Force of Yingli Yitong Club has already begun to adjust the focus of its work and turned to youth training.Even if the club is unable to participate in the China League B eventually, it will only withdraw from the league and not from football.Meng Yongqiang said that the problems of Yingli Yitong Club exist objectively, but the Football Association should treat them equally in the face of the rules: “There are legacy issues that cannot be resolved, and disqualification would have been justifiable.But knowing the double standards of the Football Association, my character will not be ignored.The Football Association does not explain clearly this time. I will stick to it in various ways. Whether it is judicial or disciplinary, I will push it to the end.Meng Yongqiang said that he would like to see the determination of the Chinese Football Association to reform, because “the popularization of professional football requires small and medium-sized clubs to do basic promotion.””If the foundation is not strong, the building will fall.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Wang Xihuang proofread Lu Xi