Sleep Tips: Change the spring mattress every 5 years

At the beginning of the new year, the first task should be a good night’s sleep.

Only when you sleep well can you work, study and live.

The latest article from the American “Yahoo Women’s Network” states that to ensure scheduled sleep, hardware is the key, and the following three things should be done well.

  Choose the right pillow.

Reasonable pillows must be fully reduced: scientific height and comfortable stiffness.

For those who like to lie on their backs, the height of the pillow after compression is about 5 cm; for those who prefer to lie on their side, the height is 10 cm.

With different sleeping preferences, the hardness of the pillows should also be different.

People who like to lie on their side need a slightly harder pillow; those who are used to lying on their backs should have moderate hardness; people who like to lie on their backs need softer pillows.

Patients with allergies should choose pillows made of synthetic materials.

In addition, the pillow should be elastic, and the core of the pillow should be kapok, hollow high-stretch cotton or grain husk.

  Choose the right mattress.

The most critical part of a mattress is its spring.

Experts recommend that after 5-7 years of use, the mattress should be replaced whether it is intact or not.

If the mattress is obviously loose or bulging, or if you wake up and feel stiff, especially the shoulder, crotch and back pain, be sure to replace it in time.

  Choose the right linen.

Sheets are also important to ensure good sleep. Players are advised to feel thick, fresh cotton sheets, or smooth, soft cotton satin sheets, and flannel sheets for comfortable winter use.

When cleaning, the sheets should be washed with a neutral cleaner, dried at low temperature or air-dried.