Inattention to sleep hygiene can easily lead to insomnia

Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan, April 17 (Feng Shuling) According to Zhang Qing, an expert on sleep problems in the Department of Neurology, Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical College, many people have recently asked him about the problem of frequent insomnia.

After detailed inquiries, some people are unable to adapt to the fast-paced depression and insomnia of modern life because of the pressure of competition.

However, a considerable number of people cause insomnia due to inattention to sleep hygiene.

  According to Zhang Qing, the majority of insomnia patients who come to the hospital for treatment are middle-aged and elderly people, and women are the most prominent. The proportion of rural women among women is that they have undertaken heavy family and field labor for a long time, lacking family care,Mental quality is also poor.

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  Wonderful six-stroke rehabilitation of insomnia in workplace women and part of middle-aged people’s insomnia are caused by inattention to sleep hygiene, for example, sleep, irregular wake-up times; lying in bed reading or watching TV; eating too much at nightAunt Gao’s food stays in the stomach to delay digestion and affect sleep; drinking caffeinated beverages stimulates the nervous system; drinking or smoking before bedtime can cause poor sleep.

  Therefore, Zhang Qing reminded that it is not necessary to pay attention to sleep hygiene, but also to create a comfortable and comfortable environment with low light, suitable temperature and humidity, and no noise interference.

Once sleep disturbance occurs, you should see a doctor promptly.