Midsummer busy sunscreen carefully isolate mistakes

Cream is an important step to protect makeup and skin.

If you apply foundation without using a cream, it will block the pores and damage the skin.

Therefore, the use of barrier cream before makeup is to provide a clean and gentle environment for the skin, forming a defense “front line” against the external attack of the royal family.

So applying a cream is a very important step in makeup.

However, there are misunderstandings in using the cream. You must be careful not to make these mistakes!

  Misunderstanding 1: The application method of the barrier cream is the same as that of general care products. First, apply it on the place where two bones protrude. It is easy to get the sun here and it is easiest to grow spots.

Use middle finger and ring finger to gently extend from the inside, too hard may cause wrinkles.

  b, the nose is easy to be greasy, the less the amount is better, it is taken gently from top to bottom, and the nasal part is easy to accumulate isolation cream, and it should be applied with a puff and blocked.

  c. Apply the chin in a circular manner. In addition, the extended face and the like also need to apply a sunscreen cream with a puff.

  d. Do n’t forget the lower part of the eye. Squeeze and apply from the head to the end of the eye, and gently insert it with the middle and ring fingers.

In addition, the end of the eye is not easy to reach, you can gently lift the corner of the eye with one hand.

  e. Subtle areas, some hairlines, and corners of the mouth are easy to overlook and easy to accumulate. Use a puff to gently insert.

  Misunderstanding 2: Isolation cream can protect and face the computer all day long. Electronic radiation will cause damage to skin cells and make free radicals more active. The fresh oxygen content in a closed environment will be greatly reduced, causing skin hypoxia .Before moisturizing cream, be sure to fully moisturize.

If your lotion only has moisturizing effect, and it is not clear whether you can directly apply makeup, apply a barrier cream. If it is a day cream with protective function and spf value, you can skip the step of barrier cream and directly apply foundationLiquid, but if you want to modify the nano, to further prevent computer radiation, dirty air, you still need to use a barrier cream.

  Misunderstanding 3: You can use makeup remover without removing makeup. This is blind and wrong.

After using the cream, you must pay attention to makeup removal. Because it contains at least sunscreen and toner, it must use a full set of makeup removal steps, and you must not be lazy.

Makeup remover, make-up remover, make-up remover, choose according to skin needs; then use the facial cleansing product again to restore the skin’s ability to breathe freely.

  Misunderstanding 4: Isolation cream can isolate computer radiation. The current isolation cream has not been specifically used to counter computer radiation.

Computer radiation is mostly expected radiation, and its wavelength is about 6.

5cm, while the barrier is targeted at wavelength 0.


40 micron UV, so the barrier cream will not be more effective in isolating computer radiation.

However, most of the barrier creams are rich in antioxidant factors and high-concentration nutrition and moisturizing ingredients. They have the function of inhibiting the generation of free radicals, and have a certain protective effect on the skin caused by computer radiation.

  Misunderstanding 5: With sunscreen, you can no longer use sunscreen. This must be reminded. If you are in a situation, especially in the wild, a special sunscreen is more suitable.

Creams are more suitable for use with makeup.

Often there is a lack of full-featured specificity.

  Myth 6: Isolation cream can also be used when skin is allergic. This is blind and wrong.

When skin is allergic, first you should stop all cosmetics, reduce the burden on the skin, and wash your face with water or saline.

Put the soothing mask into the refrigerator for a while and then apply it, which can relieve the fever.

Then apply skin care products with soothing and sedative effects to gradually alleviate skin redness and inflammation.

After the symptoms of skin irritation disappear, it will be more fragile in the short term. You need to re-establish the natural protective barrier of the skin. You can use soothing spray to help further repair the natural protective barrier of the skin.To achieve the purpose of sedation and skin care.