“You can make sense,It is indeed the same thing,But I still don’t believe it,This happened too suddenly,So surprising,I don’t feel like an ordinary person,I guess there must be something supporting them,Should be outsideG。”
Many people in the square began to discuss this matter,About what they saw,But that didn’t work out why。
The same scene happens in various places,There will be discussions like this in every place in this city or the next city,They are all talking about whether this team called Killing God uses some kind of externalGTo achieve such an achievement?
Most people think that this is the only reason,Otherwise, they really can’t understand why this4As an individual,I’m afraid that the electric technology gods are not necessarily their opponents。
Before this, everyone can see them in the realm of no one from the live broadcast,How crazy,How to make people completely speechless,As if this game is for them,They are the masters of this game,Do whatever you want,Even if the opponent shoots them,Will not produce the effect that will occur next。。
Like being injured or falling down……
Every team will have a certain tacit understanding,The tacit understanding of a good team is very strong,It’s like this person is attracting firepower,Another person shot,During this period I also met several teams with such a good understanding。
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighth noticed
First, let’s get the firepower of the opponent,Sacrificed the life of a teammate,Dragged down this team called Death4personal,Then deal with them with grenades,Everything is done in one go。
Even so to the end,Still failed to knock down this death team,Not even one of their team was injured。
Everything is hard to understand,As if they already knew each other’s strategy,Know all things,During this period, I just showed this quietness,How to be busy,How to shoot,The other party is unambiguous at all。
The Grim Reaper team went on fire in this city instantly,Many people already know,Including Huang Lei who is exercising,I heard the news at this time。
Mainly Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai whose surname is Zhang Bai, just heard someone say in his game group,Then I saw a short video,After reading it, they didn’t know what to say for a while.,Just feel a little weird。
Finally he showed this video to Huang Lei,I think Huang Lei is most qualified to watch this video,It can be judged from the opponent’s play style and the skill of these people how powerful such a team is.?If they are replaced by Huang Lei, can a team like this one win against each other??