Ding Junhui 2016 Snooker World Ranking 2016 Snooker World Ranking
At 20 o’clock on the evening of October 30th, Beijing time, the 2016 World Snooker International Championships ended at the Daqing Baihu Film and Television Base. Ding Junhui (a video review of all the 2016 Snooker National Championships) played poorly, 1-10Losing to Marc Selby is allowed to become the second player after Higgins to take the championship in four major competitions (World Championships, Masters, British Championships, National Championships).Ding Junhui’s snooker world ranking rose to the 4th National Championships and the curtain fell. This means that the fourth ranking settlement point of the new season is officially coming. This node will determine the seed order of the Northern Ireland Open and the British Championships next month.After winning the championship, Mark Selby ranked first with 827,942 pounds, and Bingham, who has entered the top 4 of the rankings three times in the new season, ranked second with 545,846 pounds.Selby is ahead of more than 280,000 pounds, and even the next retailer Bingham won the Northern Ireland and British Championships in a row, unable to surpass Selby.Trump, who recently performed well, ranked third with a prize money of £516,499.And the next shareholder, Bingham offset the bonus amount to be far from Trump, so it is not difficult for Xiaote to catch up with Bingham.  Although Ding Junhui won the national championship trophy for the second time, the runner-up score helped him to surpass Murphy and Higgins, ranking up to 4th, with a prize of 443925 pounds, lagging behind third Trump by 72574 pounds.The next shareholder, Ding Junhui, bitcoin Rump, deducted at least £65,000, so entering the next router, the actual difference between the two is less than £8,000. If Ding Junhui has an excellent performance in the two-station ranking next month, he is expected to enter the top three.Murphy ranked fifth, only 1825 pounds behind Ding Junhui. Like Ding Junhui, Murphy’s next counter predicted to hit the top three.Higgins ranked 6th, with a bonus of over 440,000.Robertson ranked seventh, trailing Higgins by 60268 pounds.  O’Sullivan, who has never won a championship in the new season, is ranked eighth with a prize of 326,583 pounds.Perry ranked 9th in the national championship, and the number of prizes just exceeded the 300,000 mark.Allen ranked ninth, Liang Wenbo ranked at the 11th place in the national championships, and remained in 11th place, with a prize money of 265,084 pounds, lagging behind 10th Allen by 14,508 pounds.Carter ranked 12th, and recently underperforming Fu Jiajun ranked 13th with a prize of 238,375 pounds.Hawkins, Karen Wilson and Mark Williams ranked 14-16.  The 2014 National Championship champion Wharton fell out of the top 16 and ranked 17th because of the deduction of quantiles, behind the gold left hand of 11217 pounds. The difference is not big. If the next member of the parliament, Wharton performs well, he is expected to return to the front.16.Mike Gill, Maguire and Gould ranked 18-20.  In terms of the Chinese legion, Zhou Yuelong ranked 43rd, Tian Pengfei ranked 47th, Xiao Guodong ranked 56th, Li Xing ranked 57th, Yu Delu ranked 62nd, Yan Bingtao ranked 77th, Zhang Yong ranked 80th, and Zhang Anda ranked 84th.Zhao Xintong ranked 85th, Mei Xiwen ranked 86th, Wang Yuchen ranked 98th, Cao Yupeng ranked 111th, Fang Xiong was ranked 114th, and Chen Zhe ranked 121st.  Ding Junhui 2016 Snooker Latest Tournament》》Ding Junhui 2016 Snooker Latest Live Video 2016 Ding Junhui Match Schedule Time Schedule Attached: 2016 World Snooker International Championship Provisional World Ranking Ranking Bonus (GBP) 1 Selby 8279422 Bingham5458463 Trump 5164994 Ding Junhui 4439255 Murphy 4421006 Higgins 4408927 Neil Robertson 3806248 O’Sullivan 3265839 Joe Perry 30271610 Mark-Allen 27959211 Liang Wenbo 26508412 Carter 24432513 Fu Jiajun 23832514 Hawkins 23802515 Karen Wilson 22509116 Mark-Williams 222808