Fresh barley to lower blood pressure

Indica has high nutritional value, so it is known as “the world’s king of grasses”.

  Indica rice is one of the chronically ancient medicines and foods.

In addition to possibly causing vitamins, it also contains higher vitamins B and E, trace elements zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, etc.

Barley contains oleic acid, linoleic acid, and acid binary, basal poly and volatile oils.

It can be seen that indica rice has high nutritional value, so it is known as the “king of the world’s grasses”.

  Initially, a large amount of scientific research and clinical practice have proved that indica has important health effects.

Studies have shown that barley can dilate blood vessels, help lower blood pressure, and enhance immune and anti-inflammatory effects.

Kernel oil promotes cellular and humoral immunity, so it is also used as an adjuvant therapy for tumors.

Healthy people often eat barley, which can reduce the incidence of tumors. Barley can also lower blood sugar to a certain extent, which is suitable for patients with diabetes.

In addition, barley has sedative, analgesic and antipyretic effects.

  The easiest way to eat rice is to drink the fried barley kernels as tea, or grind the cooked barley kernels and take the barley flour daily.

Rice can also be used as soup or cooked with mung beans to make mung bean porridge.

Obviously, barley is tough and difficult to cook, soak it in warm water for 2-3 hours before cooking.