Sensitive season change, did you let your skin drink water?

Skin problems cannot be ignored during the season. Water shortage is the root cause of many skin problems. Once the skin is dehydrated, it will easily lose its elasticity and gloss, and it will age early.
Dry and oily skin can also cause acne problems.
  It can be seen that hydration is a very important issue for skin. At this time, sensitive skin should let the skin “drink” more water.
Is your “first aid station” fully prepared for your skin?
  Seasonal Skin Care Tips: Dry skin: The principle of dry skin seasoning is to focus on hydrating and moisturizing.
In addition to eating more fruits and drinking more water, it is recommended to use a lotion containing moisturizing essence to strengthen the water-holding function of the skin.
Do not use skin care products with oil control function.
  Mixed skin: People with mixed skin are particularly prone to oiling in the T-shaped area, and the U-shaped area is prone to dryness and peeling.
For such skin, full face hydration and local exfoliation are the most important seasonal maintenance.
  Oily skin: People with oily skin are prone to appear oily on the face at the time of changing seasons, and also have dry skin.
In fact, oily skin is also caused by dry skin. External oil and internal dryness are prone to keratin accumulation, and skin problems occur.
It is recommended to exfoliate regularly every week to reduce the use of oil control products and to add a refreshing and moisturizing lotion.
  Sisley Sensitive Moisturizing Cream Reference price: 400 yuan / 60ml Brand: Sisley Applicable skin: Sensitive skin Multiple hydration, strong anti-drying, immediately replenish moisture and restore skin vitality!
The natural plant essence moisturizing factor strengthens the skin’s moisturizing and defense function, effectively prevents and resists the phenomenon of dehydration, and gives the skin plump moisture, restores and improves the skin’s elasticity and moisturization, and eliminates dry lines and peeling.
  Editor’s comment: A plant-based skin care product from France. This product can satisfy people with dry skin and sensitive skin. It can help improve the symptoms of sensitive skin. It has a matte effect and can be used as a makeup milk.
  科颜氏特效保湿乳液参考价:245 元/75ml品牌:科颜氏  适用肌肤:干性肌肤  含丰富优质滋润成份的保湿乳液,可立即被肌肤吸收,使肌肤整天保持湿润及最佳的触感,并可立即Make up.
It contains the highest quality olive oil moisturizing ingredients, which are natural ingredients that are very similar to the skin’s surface secretion. Together with avocado and sweet almonds, it provides the skin with the best moisturizing degree and improves the skin on the surface.
  Editor’s comment: This brand of Kiehl’s must be familiar to everyone. This high-moisturizing lotion will feel a little greasy when it is first applied to the face, but it will be fully absorbed after a while, so you don’t have to worry about acne after using the skin., If there is severe peeling on the face during the season, this lotion is a good first aid!
  茱莉蔻日间衡肌滋润面霜参考价:540 元/125ml品牌:茱莉蔻  适用肌肤:任何肤质  特别适合干性、敏感、破损或龟裂的皮肤,是油包水的乳霜,尤其是在干燥的Provides maximum hydration, nourishment and protection in harsh environments such as air or cold. It is also an ideal care product for baby skin.
(Prevent the effects of climate change on the skin).
  Editor’s comment: Jurlique has become the world’s purest skin care product. This product contains pure plant extracts such as medicinal sunflower, chamomile, calendula, rose and other plants. It is suitable for any skin type. Don’t worry about allergies while replenishing moisture., Excellent moisturizing effect.
  悦木之源矿物维他命夜间修护霜参考价:300 元/50ml品牌:悦木之源  适用肌肤:中性肌肤  揉合多种维他命,矿物质及去角质精华调配而成的晚间营养修护配方, Improve the skin’s natural protection and moisturizing ability, repair damaged cells during the day, and strengthen the skin cells’ resistance.
Every time the skin wakes up, it is full of energy and radiant.
  Editor’s comment: The source of Yuemu is a very environmentally friendly skin care product. It uses pure natural plant extracts, and the herbs are clear and simple.
This lotion is used at night, with a light and non-greasy texture. In addition to hydrating the skin, it also has a repair function.
  Nuxe Moisturizing Plant Fresh Cream Reference Price: RMB 215 / 60ml Brand: Nuxu Applicable skin: Dry skin Nuxe’s first revolutionary vegan milk product, combining plant protein and aromatherapy, is the effect of tired and damaged skin.
8 kinds of plant milk can quickly replenish the basic protein, nourish and rebuild and build a protection net, and make the skin have a healthy glow.
4 natural essential oils balance skin’s resistance to stress.
  Editor’s comment: The French cosmeceutical brand NUXE, this is their star product, with a cream-like texture. It will feel a little thick when it is on the face, and it will be absorbed by the skin, which is very moisturizing.Use on severely dry skin.
  Fresh soy protein cream reference price: RMB 350 / 30ml Brand: fresh Suitable for skin: Normal skin Soy protein moisturizing formula, softens, repairs and protects the skin.
Soy protein contains amino acids, antioxidants and antioxidant phytochemicals, which are especially effective for cell repair, regeneration and protection, and maintain skin moisture and elasticity.
Add shea butter and mango oil to soften the skin and white nettle with anti-inflammatory properties.
Suitable for normal skin.
  Editor’s comment: FRESH is mainly composed of flowers, soybeans, rice and milk extract, and its ingredients are more natural.
Nectar, rice bran, and yellow sugar, seemingly less expensive materials, often have surprisingly beautiful skin after being refined.
The texture of this product is very moist, and it will not have a greasy feel when applied to the face, which is a good magic weapon for anti-drying skin.
  Reference price: 800 yuan / 60ml Brand: Annick Goutal Suitable for skin: Dry & Sensitive Gives the skin the required nutrition for 24 hours, especially suitable for dry, sensitive and mature skin.
Provides daily repair for sensitive, fragile and tired skin.Core Ingredients: Active Rose Extract, Acacia Mexicana, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil.

  Editor’s comment: The skincare brand from Paris, this cream has a mellow texture and a big highlight. It is as if the perfume is applied in it, which is very clear.

There are dry lines on the skin during the season, and you only need to readjust the effect of penetration and moisturization.

The only thing is that the price is a bit expensive.

  Biotherm Living Water Lasting Moisturizing Reference Price: 450 yuan / 50ml Brand: Biotherm Applicable skin: Normal mixed skin contains mineral hot spring essence PTP mineral spring cytokines.

Each bottle of product is equivalent to 5,000 liters of active hot spring water, instantly replenishing the skin with water.

Strengthen the skin’s natural water storage capacity and promote the skin’s natural moisturizing mechanism.

The formula also specifically adds “cooling factor”. Once used, the temperature of the skin drops by 2 ° C, and it immediately feels fresh, refreshed, and soothes the redness and heat caused by dry skin.

  Editor’s comment: Biotherm brand treasure, a moisturizing and hydrating product suitable for normal / combination skin.

The triple function of hydrating-storing-locking water brings high-performance and long-lasting moisture.

While moisturizing, the skin stays clear and non-greasy.

  Reference price: 420 yuan / 50ml Brand: Shuizhiao Suitable for skin: Marine skin mineral complex to help maintain water balance.

Seaweed Moisturizing Essence, Antioxidant Vitamins A, C, E and Provitamin B.

Lipid-containing body pushes the wrapped ingredients to the skin to relax, which can protect the skin, deeply moisturize the gel, remove oil, and continuously moisturize the skin. It has a strong moisturizing function.

  Editor’s comment: The town’s treasure of Shuizhi’ao is also known as “8 cups of water” cream. With its gel-like size, it can be quickly absorbed by the skin without being oily or greasy.

In addition to being used as a face cream and a base cream, it can also be used as a mask to balance the freshness of the water without burden.

  Clinique body lotion reference price: 460 yuan / 125ml Brand: Clinique Applicable skin: Mixed dry formula doubles the skin’s natural moisturizing granularity, replicating the natural water and oil balance, effectively preventing skin moisture loss and allergies, allowing skinInstantly turns into a wet sponge that excels in introducing nutrients.

  Editor’s comment: Of course, when it comes to hydrating, Clinique’s star product, small blank.

Easy to absorb, non-greasy and lightweight.

If your skin is imbalanced with water and oil, and it is easy to peel off in different seasons, then try this quickly.