I feel guilty,Really did something to them,But I can’t admit it,And now I don’t know what those two women said that caused Zhong Manxia to be so angry,Had to be vague:“I didn’t do anything!Just went over and met,Come back properly。”

“You still behave,Then why do they have so many marks on their bodies,Dare you say you didn’t do it?”She shouted loudly。 “Back to the question,They came to me,I finished the class well,They said they were with you,So i went,Went there, the two of them tried to seduce me!These my classmates can prove。” ———— seventy-five、Warming up […]

Qiao Yiyi after they left,Scarface can’t wait to lead people around Mo Xiaosheng,Reach out to grab the copybook in his hand。

Mo Xiaosheng raised a playful smile at the corner of his mouth,Then he grabbed Scarface’s wrist like lightning,Then push it hard,Click,Scarface’s wrist shattered,Then Mo Xiaosheng kicked his chest,Scarface flew out before he let out a painful cry,Fell heavily ten meters away,Tumbled twice before stopping。 “Sorry,I used too much energy。”Mo Xiaosheng said apologetically,He has tried his […]

Downs has Xu XuanDiaoIs it?

Larry·Bird believes in his own eyes。 Let you all fight for the future light of Downs as an insider,I just have to hold Xu Xuan tightly in my hand,do not let it go! Never let go! . Indiana Pacers on the road0ratio2Behind the Cleveland Cavaliers。 On the night after the second away game,The Pacers returned […]

I want to hurt,Can’t continue like this,Two hundred and five salary a day,He can’t bear a small foreman。

Seeing Wang Quansheng come in with unswerving expression,Lin Dong put down the guitar,He knows well,Pharaoh can’t bear it anymore。 “Pharaoh,Come,smokes……” Lin Dong smiled and got up,Picking up the cigarette beside another coworker’s bed,Handed one to Wang Quansheng。 Wang Quansheng took the cigarette,Ignite,Sit down by the canopy bed,Smoked a cigarette,In the smoke,Looking at Lin Dong who […]

Lin Yan looked at them coldly,Leng Hun walked in,Some noble students and some forces in the room are drinking tea and chatting。

Like Douluo’s Ultimate Martial Spirit, please collect it:()The Ultimate Martial Spirit of Douluo360The literature network has the fastest update。 ———— Chapter 108 Yuexuan(Second seeking subscription) When Lin Yan walked in, everyone showed disgust,They are all born nobles,Of course seeing civilians is extremely disgusting。 Lin Yan looked around,Whispered in front of the counter:“I want to see […]

These canteen aunts are all nearby farmers who come here to work,I am very happy to meet Zhao Ming。

For Zhao Ming,Occasionally eating some farmhouse to change the taste is quite good。 After talking to the canteen,,Zhao Ming looks around, Except for Ma Hongjun,Everyone is here,Including Dai Mubai, who is already bald。 Zhao Ming’s injury to Dai Mubai was not serious,I guess it’s almost better now。But Dai Mubai’s hair and eyebrows probably won’t get […]

“Vice Chairman,This is what my supervisor should do。

But this credit,except me,One more person。” Tian Hai looked at the vice chairman and said。 “Oh? is it? Who else?” The vice chairman did not expect,This got confidential information,There are others involved。 “Is a supervisor of the Lin Group branch,But at the moment, he is no longer in charge of their company。 But was blacklisted […]

I knew this time the tickets were so good,How can they buy at the lowest price380?

At least 880On sale! Between this and one,Made more than 20 million yuan less! But they are also psychologically balanced,Because the tickets in Huajing and Yuezhou are the same,Sold out early,It’s too late to raise prices now。 in20000In the voice of the audience,NBAPreseason China Tournament——Los Angeles LakersVSHouston Rockets game,Officially kicked off。 Originally, the Rockets did […]

“Let me practice a trumpet,I can also meet those novices,Solve them casually。How could they be my opponent??I have been playing this game for two years,The one you can play with your eyes closed,What do they compare with me?”

“You can make sense,It is indeed the same thing,But I still don’t believe it,This happened too suddenly,So surprising,I don’t feel like an ordinary person,I guess there must be something supporting them,Should be outsideG。” Many people in the square began to discuss this matter,About what they saw,But that didn’t work out why。 The same scene happens […]