Larry·Bird believes in his own eyes。
Let you all fight for the future light of Downs as an insider,I just have to hold Xu Xuan tightly in my hand,do not let it go!
Never let go!
Indiana Pacers on the road0ratio2Behind the Cleveland Cavaliers。
On the night after the second away game,The Pacers returned to Indiana by special plane。
Although losing the game is expected,But except for Xu Xuan and pickled peppers,The rest of the Pacers are a little embarrassed now。
Because their performance in the previous two games was a bit bad。
Think about it,When a core player scores more than30+when,The game was a mess.Whose reason is already self-evident??
The sound of garbage that disappeared for a long time,Back again。
but,Except embarrassing,Most of the players’ threads are actually normal。
Isn’t it just rubbish?,It’s not that I haven’t been called。