Indian laugh yoga relax your mood

Laughing makes people feel happy and brings physical health. India also creates “laughter yoga” to quickly stimulate people’s laughing cells and make people laugh.

  Warm-up, walk-in laughter yoga in the forest is also an exercise, so warm-up is equally important.

The site for practicing Laugh Yoga is usually an oxygen-rich forest.

  First walk 10?
For 30 minutes, clap your hands while walking and take deep breaths from time to time to relax your body and mood completely and prepare for the content that follows.

  Progressive learning of animal expressions Under the guidance of a yogi, move the skin and muscles, and then imitate the animal expressions of the yogi, such as lions, tigers, apes, and so on.

  Indian Laugh Yoga includes a total of 24 smile expressions. These expressions actually look very funny, even very restrained people. As long as you do it like a yogi, you can naturally immerse yourself in it and make the practice scene full of laughter.

  After the final adjustment of the breath, after a wet laugh, the facial expression was relaxed a lot, the sweat was dripping, and my mood was relieved.

Laughing yoga also needs to retract.

  Slowly remove the smile, adjust your breathing, and while walking in the woods, say aloud to yourself “We are the happiest people in the world”, “We are the healthiest people in the world” . After the emotions and heartbeat have calmed down,Leave with ease and joy.