Safe ingredients and cosmeceuticals

_1 Safe ingredients and cosmeceuticals Every year’s fashion has trends to follow, and the beauty industry can also grind to a clue, 2003? The natural maintenance concept proposed in 2004 glowed, grape seeds, green tea, tomatoes, Chinese herbal medicines and other fruit herbs have become the main protagonists. In 2005, you can smell a strong […]

Broccoli and tomato have stronger anti-cancer effect

Broccoli and tomato have stronger anti-cancer effect Now, more and more anti-cancer diets are complicated. But in many recipes, two ingredients-tomato and broccoli-have become the most frequently seen foods.   Wang Yi, director of the Food and Nutrition Department of Beijing Guang’anmen Hospital, told the Life Times reporter that many studies at home and abroad have […]

Dendrobium Medicinal Diet

Dendrobium Medicinal Diet 一、西洋参石斛茶  [原料]西洋参5克,石斛30克。  [Manufacturing method]First, the American ginseng is mixed, washed, dried or dried, cut into pieces, put into a container, and set aside. Pick Dendrobium, wash it, dry it, cut it into pieces, put it in a casserole, add enough water, and boil over high heat, cook over low heat for 30 minutes, filter […]

The misunderstanding of beauty saint

锘? The misunderstanding of “beauty saint” Merchants say “Ms. and children’s money are the best to earn”, so beauty is easy to become a huge industry. From head to toe, beauty products and means emerge in an endless stream, and people have turned from “outside” to “inside” – dazzling “beauty products” – gelatin, bird’s nest, […]