Indian laugh yoga relax your mood

Indian laugh yoga relax your mood Laughing makes people feel happy and brings physical health. India also creates “laughter yoga” to quickly stimulate people’s laughing cells and make people laugh.   Warm-up, walk-in laughter yoga in the forest is also an exercise, so warm-up is equally important. The site for practicing Laugh Yoga is usually an […]

How to train triceps

How to train triceps The triceps brachii is attached to the back of the upper arm, and is divided into three parts: the horizontal head, the head, and the long head. Once a well-trained friend tightens the muscles, the side of the upper arm will show a clear muscle profile. The triceps brace is strong […]

Precautions for patients with lung cancer

Precautions for patients with lung cancer Lung cancer is a common primary malignant tumor of the lung. The incidence and mortality of initial diagnosis have rapidly increased. Lung cancer has ranked first among male patients who died of cancer. After receiving the right treatment, diabetics need to adopt the right diet to promote rapid recovery. […]

Flower vegetarian dish new trend

锘? “Flower” vegetarian dish new trend “Flower” vegetarian dish new trend Entertainment industry popular eye-catching “fancy beauty”, even the food industry is also rising “flower-like vegetarian dishes”, not only eye-catching, but also good for health, especially in this hot summer, light vegetarian dishes make people appetite. The old vegetarian dishes always give people the impression […]