For Zhao Ming,Occasionally eating some farmhouse to change the taste is quite good。
After talking to the canteen,,Zhao Ming looks around,
Except for Ma Hongjun,Everyone is here,Including Dai Mubai, who is already bald。
Zhao Ming’s injury to Dai Mubai was not serious,I guess it’s almost better now。But Dai Mubai’s hair and eyebrows probably won’t get better so easily。
It’s the same as the burnt skin does not grow hair,Dai Mubai’s skin is dead。But it’s not totally bad。But it’s too long,Slow cultivation is estimated to be better in one or two years。
But in the past two years,He can’t get better。
Glanced at Zhu Zhuqing’s body,She is lowering her head and slowly chewing the bun,high speed,But very elegant。
Zhao Ming smiled,Walked towards Dai Mubai’s position。
he knows,His chance came。
He wants to expose Dai Mubai’s ugly image in front of Zhu Zhuqing。
“Mubai,Long time soon,I’m sorry about the last time。”Zhao Ming took the initiative to find a greeting。