Never stop, Kipjog challenged the limits of the human marathon in the official competition
Kipjog became the first “break 2” marathon runner in human history.Figure / Event Official Social Media Beijing News (Reporter Xu Bangyin) successfully ran for 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds in the Prater Park in Vienna. Kipjog became the first “break 2” marathon runner in human history.Although this is not an official marathon and the record is not recognized by the IAAF, Kipjog believes that this challenge is equally significant, and he will continue to attack the world record in the future and strive to be in the official competition.Open the 2 hour mark.At the age of 18, he won the 5,000-meter gold medal in the World Championships. At the age of 28, he successfully won the marathon for the first time. At the age of 31, he became the marathon Olympic champion. At the age of 33, he broke the marathon world record.Since officially turning to the marathon in 2013, Kipchog has participated in 12 major marathon events, won 11 championships and 1 sub, and stepped step by step with his feet. It is the first person in the history of human marathon.Especially on September 16, 2018, Kipchog won the Berlin Marathon with 2 hours, 01 minutes and 39 seconds, greatly refreshing the men’s marathon world record.At the end of April 2019, the London Marathon came to an end, and world record holder Kipjog laughed without a suspense to the end, winning the championship with 2 hours, 02 minutes and 37 seconds. At that time, the top two in the history of the marathon were equal.Created by Kipjog.Until the Berlin Marathon at the end of September 2019, Becker ran out 2 hours, 01 minutes and 41 seconds, approaching Kipjorg ‘s world record indefinitely, and complete destruction was only threatened.Kip Jorg was very calm, “This is normal, this is sports, even if he ran into 2 hours, I am glad to accept.”According to the habit of participating in recent years, Kipjorg will participate in a major event every year. Considering that next year is the Olympic year, he will likely participate in the London Marathon and the Tokyo Olympics successively.Continue to hit the world record and human limits.Attachment: Kipjorg Marathon career performance April 21, 2013 Hamburg Marathon 2 hours 05 minutes 30 seconds Champion September 29, 2013 Berlin Marathon 2 hours 04 minutes 05 seconds runner-up April 13, 2014 Rotterdam Marathon 2 hours 05Minutes 00 seconds Champion October 12, 2014 Chicago Marathon 2 hours 04 minutes 11 seconds Champion April 26, 2015 London Marathon 2 hours 04 minutes 42 seconds Champion September 27, 2015 Berlin Marathon 2 hours 04 minutes 00 seconds Champion 2016April 24, 2016 London Marathon 2 hours 03 minutes 05 seconds Champion August 21, 2016 Rio Olympics 2 hours 08 minutes 44 seconds Champion May 6, 2017 “Break Two” Challenge 2 hours 00 minutes 25 seconds 2017 9March 24th Berlin Marathon 2 hours 03 minutes 32 seconds Champion April 22, 2018 London London Marathon 2 hours 04 minutes 17 seconds Champion September 16, 2018 Berlin Marathon 2 hours 01 minutes 39 seconds Champion (breaking world record) 2019April 28th London Marathon 2 hours 02 minutes 37 seconds Champion October 12, 2019 “1:59 Challenge” 1 hour 59 minutes 40 seconds