Home health care: put more mirrors in your home

Sleep disturbances, irregular meals, weight gain, and depression.

.In the era of the house economy, more and more people have chosen the way of living and working in the house.

And whether you choose to stay at home SOHO or occasionally enjoy staying at home without going to OFFICE, you can make this “home” time your health bonus.

As long as you are willing to make ingenious arrangements, your home health life can be more fun and healthier.

.hzh{display:none;}  1、宅生活最大的享受——睡到自然醒  “睡觉睡到自然醒”是每个人都向往的生活,而宅人的一天则有条件从“睡饱和”状态开始.
Time-guaranteed sleep, no longer has the urgency to cope with “check-in”, and physiology will naturally be a relaxation.

It is worth reminding that no matter when you choose to fall asleep and when to get up, it is best to keep the sleeping habits of the occupants a relatively fixed time, otherwise, it is easy to cause the biological clock to be distorted and your health will be consumed by too much freedom.

  2, house girl privilege-wear sports BRA to loosen the breasts without wearing a tight-fitting suit, and don’t worry about getting out of the house, you have the freedom to wear only sports, or no underwear.

The original appearance of the breast also made her comfortable.

Experts recommend bare breasts for at least one day a week for breast health.

Scientists have discovered the secret behind the high incidence of breast disease-80% of women in the world shrink their meaningful bras every day; changing bras for more than 8 hours a day is more likely to suffer from complications.

The latest research shows that with ordinary underwear, the breast moves 5 cm up and down with each step, while with sports underwear, the movement ratio is reduced by 74%.

In order to keep the S-shaped figure longer, the house girls can make full use of the environmental advantages of their home and choose to wear sports underwear at home to avoid sagging breasts.

  3, barefoot, let your feet enjoy the freedom to touch the house, you do not have to be that sexy hot woman.

Kick off the 7-inch high heels, return your feet to a free state, and step on the wooden floor barefoot. The cozy mood wants to make people dance.

Walking barefoot can even make you feel good, and it has many benefits to your body.

Walking barefoot can make the sole muscles, meridians, ligaments, and nerve endings contact the ground, friction, and stimulate internal organs and cerebral cortex through nerve transmission to achieve physical fitness.

If your floor is solid wood flooring and has a geothermal system, you can rest assured that you are barefoot.

Otherwise, comfortable soft-soled shoes will also make home time more enjoyable.

  4, 30 minutes a day, enjoy the exercise time under the sun. The weather is clear and the sun is shining.

Instead of struggling to fight between the grids, you can use this time to complete the 30-minute exercise task every day.

Part of the reason why a house girl is more likely to gain weight is the lack of reasons to move her body. As a healthy house girl, replacing exercise time every day is one of the must-do items.

If you don’t do fascination and winter depression, a 30-minute daily exercise in the sun will definitely help your body.

  5. Add more mirrors, your health will benefit. From a psychological perspective, looking in the mirror can cultivate people’s self-confidence. You can put more mirrors in your home and check your status at any time.You need to rest. If you have “acne”, it reminds you that certain organs in your body “protest”. If it is cloudy and affects your mood, taking a picture can effectively relieve psychological stress and irritability.

In addition, the reflection principle of the mirror can also increase the permeability of the room visually and widen the visual range of the person, thereby achieving the effect of alleviating visual fatigue.

Most importantly, the mirror is like a pair of discerning lover’s eyes, watching every slight change after your house.

If you work at home for a long time, it doesn’t prevent you from installing more mirrors, so that your body maintains a certain sense of tension, so it is easier to maintain your figure and stay away from the image of a house girl.

  6. Being a fun house girl and falling in love with an interesting hobby house owner has a lot of time at his disposal, so he can also become a master of individual hobbies.

Maybe it’s just a small hand-made, maybe a garden pot, and having some interesting hobby is to absorb more color for life.

Therefore, from this point, the quality of life of the house dwellers is higher than that of the people who lost themselves on the crowded subway every morning.

  7. Lonely people are shameful-once a month, friends meet. Modern communication tools can help you achieve communication and contact, but cannot replace the warmth and sharing of face-to-face communication.

One day a month, host a party PARTY with one dish per person, gather friends, taste food together, relax and chat, and share the good life.

People can’t break the fireworks on the earth, and the dwellers especially need the personality of eye contact.

In addition, you can also meet with friends from time to time, whether it is walking, shopping or traveling.

  8, the beautiful privilege of the house girl-Su Yan Chaotian + Golden Beauty feel a nap in the afternoon, is a luxurious dream for office workers, but the house girl has the conditions to achieve.

It’s best to take a nap in a sun-drenched south-facing room to let the winter sun fill your body, so that rest and calcium supplementation are done together.
Even if you can’t sleep, lying quietly in the bed and leaving a blank space for your brain is a very good way to keep fit.

In addition, the house can also make himself face up to the sky, and aerobic breathing of the skin.
These are the beautiful privileges of the house girl.

  9, planting herbs, DIY fragrance home life “House people” have the opportunity to enjoy more healthy herbal life.

Common herbs can be grown in a small space on the garden and balcony for making tea or cooking.

For example, peppermint, basil, rosemary, anything suitable for small potted plants can be tried.

Pick as you go and keep fresh, lemon mint can be used for tea, peppermint can be used for cooking, rosemary can be used for lamb, and chamomile can be used for bathing, because her unique botanical ingredients can reduce spring skin allergiesIncidence.

A family of “home girls” who work at home. Before starting work after breakfast, they can pick up two fresh lemon mint leaves from the windowsill and put them in a teapot, pour honey, and soak in boiling water. Two minutes later, there is a cup of delicious honeySugar mint tea is simple and healthy.

During work, you can also remove branches, cut leaves, and chat with flowers and plants, enjoying health and enjoyment.

  10. Be a house girl and enjoy the MULTITASKING life without the pressure of rushing to and from work, and you can arrange your life calmly.

The tempo has slowed down and you find that you can enjoy doing several things at the same time.

For example, while turning the washing machine, while boiling a casserole and nourishing beauty soup, while working in front of the computer, apply a milk mask.

Of course, you can also work in your favorite music sound, and you can go to the balcony to overlap the slender objects, or come to YOGABREAK at any time.

In the long run, this MULTITASKING life will make your health better than the workplace fighters fighting in the grid.

  11. Become a “funny girl” and have a healthier house. The body wrapped in the “high-level gray” all day has benumbed until the brain.

The famous Pasteurian color experiment tells us that the human brain nerves have different excitement for different colors, and you can create a good mood with bright colors in the house.

On the day when I stayed at home, I unwrapped a bun that was usually untidy, and put on an exaggerated bow hairpin, put on comfortable and soft candy-colored home clothes, and restore myself to a colorful girl who is physically relaxed.

  12, the house girl is not afraid of the flu, fumigating the old vinegar to disinfect the air, the flu strikes, probably the least panic in my heart is the house people.

Reducing out-of-town purchases, opening windows and working at home, and eliminating most sources of influenza transmission.

Smart housewives sterilize the air in the room daily by fumigating old vinegar.

The specific method is: pour an appropriate amount of vinegar into an open pot, boil it, and after boiling, the heat will diffuse into the room, which can be naturally sterilized and make the small environment at home more healthy.

  13. It is not bad to accept Brunch during the golden breakfast time. Of course, it is good to be a house girl who sleeps with the sun, but most of them have their own schedule.

Many homeowners can’t keep up with the golden breakfast time of 7-8 am, but in 1896 the British invented a unique way of eating-brunch, that is, the combination of breakfast (breakfast) and lunch (lunch).

The house girl may also occasionally borrow it, and calmly take a brunch that is richer than breakfast and lighter than lunch, so as not to lose points for her health.

  14, home work, a health every two hoursBREAKWho can live without computers and the Internet in this era?

Homeowners are easier.

Experts remind homeowners that it is best not to spend more than two hours facing the computer while working or browsing the Internet.

You can download a small software and play relaxing music every one or two hours to remind the housewives to get up and move, move the cervical and lumbar spine, or do body compressions and eye exercises.

  15, once a week detox action-vegetarian one day or fasting meals. Because we stay at home, our daily physical energy consumption is reduced by at least 20% compared to when we go out to work.

In this way, the body will naturally accumulate excess and slight garbage.

At home, you can use short-term “fasting” or vegetarian methods to eliminate toxins from the body.

Choose a less busy day every week as a “fast day” to eat less meals, let yourself drink more water and fresh vegetable juices, you will feel lighter.

In addition, vegetarian food at least one day a week is also a good way for housewives to reduce their body load.